Xiaomi and Leica confirm their collaboration on a flagship smartphone released in July 2022

Following rumors at the start of the year, Xiaomi finally confirms its collaboration with Leica Camera and becomes its fourth partner, joining Sharp, Huawei and Panasonic.

According to Yahoo, the collaboration between Xiaomi and Leica is not the first time that a phone maker has integrated photographic equipment from a leading camera maker.

Looking back, Vivo did the same in 2020 when they teamed up with Zeiss with their X80 series. This is after following in the footsteps of Sony and Nokia. Recently, Oppo and OnePlus started producing smartphones co-developed with Hasselblad, such as the Find X5 series and the OnePlus 10 Pro respectively.

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A visitor looks at phones at Xiaomi’s stand on the opening day of the MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona on February 28, 2022.

Will Xiaomi release a new phone?

The phone co-developed by Xiaomi and Leica will be available in July 2022. However, Xiaomi hasn’t revealed much else about this impending device. Many believe it will use Qualcomm’s all-new Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset, along with Leica’s standard classic photography flair and filters.

Moreover, the name that Xiaomi could use will be either the “Xiaomi 12 Ultra” brand or the “Xiaomi 13” series. Nevertheless, smartphone gurus can only anticipate the information that will be released in July.

What anyone can guarantee is that the imaging Leica will deliver to the new Xiaomi phone. In his press release, CEO Lei Jun acknowledged Leica’s touted capabilities saying, “This cooperation will give a strong boost to Xiaomi’s imaging strategy.”

In the same statement reported by GSM Arenathe two CEOs acknowledged that Xiaomi and Leica have similar ideals when it comes to phone imaging and are excited to take mobile photography to the next level.

“Xiaomi is focused on producing an ideal user experience and has always sought to explore the potential of smartphone photography to the fullest,” said Lei Jun. The collaboration of Xiaomi and Leica will allow to develop an optical design as well as to refine the aesthetic orientations. All of this is made possible after coming to terms with each other’s unique pursuits.

Additionally, Leica Camera AG CEO Matthias Harsch described the long-term strategic partnerships with Xiaomi as an honor and an exciting place to expand the phone’s camera capabilities.

Harsch also pointed to the exceptionally deep cooperation process that has strengthened the alliance. Both Leica and Xiaomi are certain that the first collaboratively designed imaging flagship smartphone demonstrates the pioneering achievements of both companies.

The CEO of Leica Camera AG promises “excellent image quality, traditional Leica elegance and limitless creativity”.

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The product of the partnership

As is customary with such collaboration statements, only time will reveal where this flagship smartphone falls on the depth scale.

Will the new Xiaomi phone retain its standard production materials and likeness, splashed with branding from photography company Leica and a few filters in the camera app? Or was it really co-developed hardware and software that was used in the process?

Nevertheless, many are looking forward to this partnership and the Xiaomi phone that will be released in July will be either a surprise or a predicted model.

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