What to cook this weekend

In another alley: This father desires blueberry muffins for breakfast and meatball subs for lunch, followed by a long nap on the sofa under my dog-eared hardcover edition of Selwyn Raab”five families.” Carnitas for dinner, please: braised all afternoon, then crispy shortbread on the grill, to be served with warm tortillas, chopped onion and cilantro, avocado sauce and limes.

Now, this has nothing to do with rising a dough or simmering a bolognese, but a million years ago I wanted to write an article for the New York Press on a vast collection of packets of heroine that popular historian Clayton Patterson had collected in filing cabinets in his studio. on the Lower East Side, documenting the extent of the neighborhood’s drug trade. But Paul Sheehan bailed me out in The New Yorker, with a living account of his collection of crack vialsand my story died on the vine.

My former boss John Strausbaugh has now come out with a collaboration with Clayton, “Offset: Portraits of the Lower East Sidewhich tells the story of life on the Loisada over the past 40 years through the stories of neighborhood characters – “visionaries, artists, misfits and criminals”. You should take a look at it.

Take time with the winners of the 2022 BigPicture Natural World Photography Contest, in The Atlantic. It is best displayed on your desktop, in full screen.

In case you missed it (I did!), there’s a new Slough House novel by Mick Herron, “Bad Actors.” I’m in.

Finally, here’s a poem by Ada Limon to take us into the weekend, “Banned Wonders.” Enjoy it and I’ll see you on Sunday.