Wall Districts of Nevada | Nevada Murals

Even though millions of Las Vegas residents already loved their city, a common criticism for generations was that despite offering more entertainment than anywhere else on Earth, there remained a lack of places to hang out. locals” and shopping districts – neighborhood hotspots that weren’t in malls or on public property.

Finally, in 1998, the Las Vegas Arts District was officially designated. Nicknamed “18b” for its 18-block footprint (located a few blocks southwest of downtown Las Vegas), the area has become a “cultural explosion” of art galleries, antique and hip boutiques, chic cafes and bars, all backed by a totally fresh, local vibe behind it all.

In 2013, the formation of the Life is Beautiful Festival turned the spark of public support for public art into an absolute wildfire, and it never slowed down. Today, wherever you venture into this melting pot of vintage shops, galleries, stores, foodie hotspots and other hip hangouts right now, it’s hard not see a fresco. (Load this card and hunt them all on a self-guided tour.)

However, the most popular epicenter is easily Graffiti Art Gallery Alley – the multi-block network of outdoor canvases between California and Colorado Aves, west of Main St., where all artists are invited to prove to the world just how point people are mistaken about the term. “graffiti.” The panels are constantly changing, so each new visit promises a new experience.

While 18b is by far the most art-centric neighborhood in Las Vegas, murals of all styles (and scales; some have multiple stories) are increasingly found throughout the city, but especially in downtown Las Vegas. Download a PDF map and guide here.