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In a game of runs and turnovers, Tipp used his defense and a huge night from senior Gavin Garletz to sweep Troy’s conference season series, 58-48.

Tipp City, Ohio – In the end, Troy coach Mark Hess could have claimed a nine-point improvement from the first time his Trojans (8-11) lost to Tipp in December (64-45). But even with some missing pieces due to illness, grades and stuff like that… it could have been so much better.

As it stands, Tipp improved to 13-3 on Saturday night (12-1 in MVL) with a 58-48 win that was erratic at times and out of place for a Red Devil side that has been struggling. delighted with its efficiency this year.

It could have been better, because… in a game of runs and turns – or sloppy play, as you call it – Troy simply missed a run to make the ending as nerve-wracking as they did the start.

The Trojans roared out of the gate to take an 8-1 first-quarter lead before Tipp could wipe the sleep from their eyes. In fact, it looked like they had just woken up from a long winter nap. Isaac Phillips, Noah Davis and Zach King of Troy did the damage before Tipp rallied to make a six run and eventually take an 11-10 lead. They would eventually finish the quarter with a 19-14 advantage, courtesy of six points from Stanley Clyne and a pair of three-pointers from Gavin Garlitz, opening what would be a night of opera for the Devils elder of 6’2″.

It set the stage for more of what the locals expect from Tipp in the second quarter, hustle and defense and more predictable play…but with an asterisk. Tipp also turned the ball over five times in the quarter (9 for halftime) while allowing Troy to score just 2 points – a bucket to the rim by Zach King. They were up 27-16 at halftime, but played like a lawnmower engine that won’t start when you pull the rope.

Troy came out hot, with Charlie Walker helping them to an 8-1 start (above).

“It kind of felt like two teams that hadn’t practiced for a few snowy days,” Tipp’s coach Adam Toohey later described. “It was a very competitive game, very physical as always when we play them, but it just seemed like we were a bit offensively. Our defense got us back… Maddox Sivon helped us a lot at the top of our zone and helped to create reversals.

Basketball is a game of momentum and running, and Troy proved it early in the third quarter. They immediately wiped out that 11-point lead from Tipp with a 10-2 run, courtesy of an Isaac Phillips 3-pointer and a goal push from Charlie Walker, who would end up scoring 10 points in the quarter.

Racing game? Tipp called a timeout to pour water on Troy’s fire…and came out of timeout to make a 10-2 run.

“We were still in the locker room,” Toohey said of Troy’s burst to start the second half. “We came out a bit flat, we didn’t take it hard on the rim, we settled on other shots, and it looked like we weren’t on the same page. We were missing Griffin Caldwell through illness, and we had a different rotation without him. Liam (Poronsky) stepped up, Evan (Manes) stepped up, and some of our other guys really helped.

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Tipp’s 10-2 signaled the emergence of Garlitz who more than helped, hitting a pair of 3s on his way to an 8-point quarter, and ultimately a 24-point night…his most effective game of the season. ‘year. One of the other guys who really helped was Josh Dietz, who also had a 3-pointer (and 5-pointer) to lift Tipp to a 20-point quarter and a 47-35 lead at the end.

Obviously, Troy’s goal was to not let Stanley Clyne score 30, which he proved he could do two weeks ago against Piqua. What they hadn’t counted on was Garletz, who more than doubled his season average while scoring from every point on the field.

Tipp’s Liam Poronsky is looking for an open teammate along the baseline.

“Stanley has been our main player for most of the season, so we know people are going to turn things around and keep him closer,” Garlitz said. “We had to do different things on offense tonight, and I got in there and stepped in there like a senior and a leader. We’re pretty good at reading and making the right decisions and that’s what I did tonight.

Meanwhile, Troy’s restlessness and toughness of mind wouldn’t allow Tipp to pull away or slip to a 20-point margin like they did in December. Playing “young”, Phillips (11 pts.) Charlie Walker (13 pts.), Noah Davis (9 pts.) and Kellen Miller (6 pts.) continued to play, fight and kept Tipp’s margin at around 8 dots.

But Garlitz was the difference this time, scoring 14 of his game-high 24 points in the second half. And after an 8-point first half, Clyne matched that in the second half while picking up a few assists along the way. Between the two, Garlitz and Clyne would finish with 40 of the Red Devils’ 58 points. Dietz would add 7, Cole Coppock, Poronsky and Manes would each score 3, and Jackson Smith would add two. They didn’t hit 13 three-pointers like they did against Piqua, but they did have 7, from 18 attempts (38.8%).

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In a case of woulda’, coulda’, shoulda’, Troy actually beat Tipp 13-11 in the final quarter, but turnovers and their inability to put down Gavin Garlitz, whose extra twelve points, proved to be the difference in a 58- 48 result.

“I think we started off doing a really good job of execution,” Troy coach Mark Hess said. “We had been training against their 1-3-1, we had anticipated that, and as the game went on they took some things away. Our execution wasn’t as clean and we just had too many turnovers (17 for the game).

Not this time… Tipp’s Gavin Garlitz had a big night, but Troy’s Kellen Miller crushed that fourth-quarter shot attempt.

“They are long, they are athletic and their pressure hurt us. Training against our JVs is not the same as training against their 6’5″ and 6’4″. We had a few passes that we forced, and they just did a good job of removing a few looks and forcing us to be patient.

Troy now sits at .500 in conference play (8-8).

The tournament draw takes place this weekend and Tipp, despite not being ranked in the Division II poll this week, they proved once again on Saturday that their style of play, despite their size, poses a thorn in the side of many ranked teams.

They share the ball, they are aggressive, they defend, shoot 3s and they capitalize on the foul line.

They can even play in tatters, like a team that didn’t practice for a few days of snow.

A chilling comparison!

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