The Tom Brady-Todd Bowles Disconnect –

After such a bizarre and ugly game that delivered a thrilling Bucs ‘W’ yesterday at The Licht House, it’s the perfect time to share one of this season’s most bizarre phenomena.

The photo above is about as rare as an alligator sighting at the beach or steaming broccoli on Ira Kaufman’s lunch plate.

The iconic photographer repeatedly tried — and failed — to spot head coach Todd Bowles and Tom Brady together and snap a photo. The image above was captured yesterday. There was no conversation, only Bowles patting Brady on the back as The Goat passed before kick-off.

This is the only photo has of the pair together, and that includes training and training camp.

Joe contacted several industry sources who informed him that the USA Today image database does not contain any photos of head coach Bowles and Brady together – nor does Getty Images share any. . (But they have photos of Brady and Byron Leftwich mislabeled as Brady and Bowles).

A Google image search reveals a photo of Brady and Bowles engaging, although Joe’s searches show the photo is from last season – before Bowles was named head coach. Network television cameras, it seems, also failed to capture Brady and Bowles together. And finally, Joe spoke to a reporter in Tampa and was informed that his outlet had given up on capturing the two engaging.

Joe finds it very odd that a new head coach is so out of touch with his superstar quarterback.

The photo above is also about as rare as Brady mentioning Bowles during a press conference or on his weekly podcast.

There was so much pre-game talk last week and Sunday about how unhappy Bucs officials are with the Bucs’ low running game total and the upcoming changes in that area. Even general manager Jason Licht dived on the Buccaneers radio network minutes before kickoff, “We need more balance, more pace on offense…can’t have the defense on the field the less.” two-thirds of the time in the second half,” he said.

Meanwhile, the coach in charge appears to have no communication with the 45-year-old quarterback who has an important role to play in ensuring the Bucs run the game.

Bucs fans have also seen that when there is time out and the Bucs have the ball, offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich enters the field alone to talk to Brady.

It’s all rather mysterious and Joe thinks Bowles and Brady connecting directly during games once in a while would be beneficial – and certainly more normal.