The quarterback who can bring the Broncos back to the Super Bowl? More than Aaron Rodgers, the team need Peyton Manning. – The Fort Morgan Times

Whether the Broncos’ next owner is Jeff Bezos or Brittany Bowlen, it won’t mean anything unless the team finds the right quarterback to pull them out of the doldrums and return to relevance in the Super Bowl conversation.

And, in this case, I’m not talking about Aaron Rodgers or Deshaun Watson.

While Watson can really make the game go round, there is no way the Broncos can acquire it until the ugly allegations of sexual misconduct are resolved. While there is no doubt Rodgers would make a big soap opera in Denver, it is less certain that an aging prima donna would infuse the team with a champion mentality.

The quarterback your local NFL franchise needs now is Peyton Manning.

I don’t care if Bowlen or Bezos write the checks. If Phil Anschutz or some other billionaire wants to sit a mile high and mighty in the owner’s box, that’s cool for me.

But the Broncos need Manning to oversee the football operation from the president’s chair.

It’s time for the team Pat Bowlen put together to stop the family feud in the courtroom and start winning again on the court. With a lawsuit dismissed last week by Arapahoe County District Judge John E. Scipione, internal feuds between the Bowlen heirs may come to an end and a serious restoration of the Broncos may begin. Who will own the team and what is the plan to restore the faded glory? It’s a plot that has yet to be revealed.

“I’m interested in what’s going to happen,” Manning said last week, on a video conference with reporters. “I never said no to anything officially. I just say no to certain things every year. The next year, maybe things change. So who knows what will happen in there? “

In all of the Bowlen kids’ recent feuds over the future of their late father’s team, one of the few things this bitterly divided family can agree on is a deep admiration for Manning. As a ceasefire was called in the legal battle between the Bowlens, Manning could be invaluable in giving everyone in Broncos country peace of mind during this critical time of transition for a proud franchise. .

So may I humbly suggest: General Manager George Paton may sweat the little things, while PFM focuses on the big picture, infusing the organization with a relentless pursuit of excellence that it has lacked since taking over. retired as a quarterback after Super Bowl 50.

“I went on a year-to-year basis in this second chapter,” Manning said. “I’ll try to do that this year. I’m not going over that because you are trying different things and maybe you like it maybe you don’t. I will always be a part of the Broncos and Colts organizations in one way or another.

With John Elway just a stone’s throw from the spotlight, our cow-dusted old town is now Manningville. PFM is everywhere you look, whether he’s posing as Elvis on ESPN or burying a fastball in the dirt with the ceremonial first pitch at the All-Star Game.

At 45, Manning is not the retired type. He loves the big stage too much to be content to stay in the shadows. It is in his competitive nature to produce and direct the show, as well as take a lead role.

To lure Manning to the full-time Dove Valley team headquarters, I suspect it would take more than a gig as a coach or general manager. I think he would make a main owner heckuva of the Broncos. But with the franchise valued at $ 3 billion, that’s more Papa John’s pizza dough than even Manning could muster.

But you’d be hard pressed to find someone with more footballing seriousness and proven leadership skills than Manning. He’s got what it takes to restore the confidence of Broncos fans frustrated by a sad five-year period in which the team has not only been bad, but boring on top of that.

Manning is more than one of the best quarterbacks to ever make a touchdown pass. He’s a Hall of Fame salesman able to present to free agents and season ticket holders the idea that Denver can once again be pivotal in the Super Bowl conversation.

Whether it’s Brittany, Bezos, or a billionaire who will be named later, the next Broncos owner would be wise to give Manning a stake in the franchise and let PFM shape the rebirth of a civic treasure.