The joys of large format photography

What if each time you pressed the shutter, it cost you $5? What would you shoot? Large format photography is about as extreme as it gets, but it gives you images that just aren’t possible with 35mm or even medium format. This neat video will show you the process of shooting 4×5 film and some of the footage you can create with it.

Coming from Willem Verbeeck, this interesting video follows the process of shooting 4×5 film shots of Los Angeles. 4×5 film absolutely eclipses 35mm and even medium format, offering negatives almost 15 times larger than full frame. And with that huge negative comes almost unbelievable levels of detail. Additionally, large format cameras offer useful features not available in smaller formats unless specialized lenses are used. The downsides are that large format photography requires a lot of specialized techniques, and each 4×5 negative costs around $5, and that doesn’t even include development costs. Still, there’s nothing quite like seeing a large format print in person, and the unique look and stunning levels of detail that simply aren’t possible otherwise. Watch the video above to see him in action with Verbeeck.