The film crew prepare for the James Bond weekend in Norwich

He may be a Secret Service agent, but James Bond’s return to the big screen has been anything but subtle.

The opening of Bond’s latest film, No Time to Die, saw thousands of people flock to city cinemas – and they come dressed for the occasion.

After months of confinement, the houses of images were hoping for a blockbuster.

And by noon on Wednesday, Cinema City had sold 2,113 pre-sale tickets for Daniel Craig’s latest spy movie.

This is already 500 tickets more than the most popular film at the St Andrews Street cinema since it reopened on May 19 when there had been 1,614 admissions for Nomadland in the space of a month.

Jenny Allison, Marketing Manager, and Helen Carrick, Deputy Managing Director, at Cinema City in Norwich prepare for an exceptional Bond weekend
– Credit: Danielle Booden

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And the fans don’t just come, they do it in style.

Jenny Allison, Marketing Manager for Cinema City, said: “Some guy came over the other day and bought 45 tickets for his friends who dress up in tuxedos.

“The demand is there across the board. Bond is multigenerational and this one is very popular with universally good reviews.”

It will almost be a Bond takeover in the movies with at least nine screenings most days.

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Daniel Craig playing James Bond in new Bond film No Time To Die
– Credit: PA

And Sunday will be nothing but Bond will show all three screens showing 007.

“Having a full theater again will create a buzz,” Ms. Alison said.

“We remember what it was like before the pandemic and it will be nice to have a lot of enthusiastic people.”

To celebrate the arrival of the blockbuster, the cinema hopes to receive an Aston Martin DB5 outside the cinema for the opening weekend.

Cinema City in Norwich is gearing up for the opening weekend of the new James Bond film.  Image: Da

Cinema City in Norwich is gearing up for the opening weekend of the new James Bond film.
– Credit: Danielle Booden

Ms Allison said: “The car is on a nationwide tour, but the guy lives locally and is keen on us having it.

“We have our fingers crossed because a lot of people are going to be dressing up, so this would be a great opportunity to have photos with it.”

If it goes ahead, the cinema will receive donations to benefit its charitable refuge, as fans have the option to sit in the driver’s seat.

A collage celebrating the evolution of Bond posters over the years is also on display to greet fans.

Daniel Craig attending the No Time To Die World Premiere, at the Royal Albert Hall in London.  Photo

Daniel Craig attending the No Time To Die World Premiere, at the Royal Albert Hall in London
– Credit: PA

Exceptional sales are expected with many walk-in tours in addition to presale tickets.

The most successful Bond films

No Time to Die is chock full of five-star reviews as the highly anticipated film hits theaters after months of delay.

But the film still has a long way to go if it is to be the most successful Bond screening of all time.

Statista, which specializes in market and consumer data, believes Skyfall is the highest performing 007 stock ever.

The 2012 film grossed $ 1,110 million worldwide at the box office, putting it well in front of the crowd.

Scepter, another Daniel Craig film from 2018, is second on the list with $ 879 million.

Sir Sean Connery's undated library file as James Bond.  Sir Sean defeated David Beck

Sir Sean Connery as James Bond
– Credit: PA

Other worldwide income from Bond films in millions are:

  • Quantum of comfort $ 591
  • Casino Royale $ 594
  • Die another day $ 431
  • The World Is Not Enough $ 361
  • Tomorrow never dies $ 339
  • he gold $ 356
  • License to kill $ 156
  • Daylights Alive $ 191
  • A View of a Murder $ 152
  • Never say never again $ 160
  • Octopus $ 187
  • For your eyes only $ 195
  • Moonraker $ 210
  • The Spy Who Loved Me $ 185