The Channels wants to hear from you – What makes you happy? – The chains

The Channels is running an engagement journalism project for the fall semester where we can create a collection of photographs and stories from everyone in the community.

We are asking members of the Santa Barbara community to “photograph your joy” by uploading your image to this Google form.

Please submit a horizontal .jpg or .jpeg image suitable for a student-run news site. You will need a Google account (it does not have to be a City College account) to submit an answer.

The deadline for submission is Tuesday, November 1.

The project will be released on the channels on Monday, November 14.

The Channels reserve the right to modify the captions and to select the photos that will be published.

Here are some examples from our editors:

Melissa GarciaChief Editor

My joy is where the beach and the mountains meet. Views like this September 28 image make me appreciate living here, the beach on one side, then the mountains above the city on the other.

Jenna McMahonphoto editor

This photo captures my joy as it includes my boyfriend, Garrett Lemken (third from left) and our friends on his birthday September 2. We celebrated with cake, listened to music and played games.

yarrownews editor

My best friends and I danced and ran across the field during a Coachella sunset on April 17th. This photo brings the most joy just thinking about the feeling of pure happiness at that moment.

Sunny Silversteinopinion editor

I took this photo because looking at my room and my best friend really brought me joy. It’s a simple image but it really represents what makes me happy. It’s really tsimple things in life. This photo is of Puck Reusken at our apartment on September 22 in Santa Barbara, California.