The Bombay Club closed “for a total renovation, reopening in service on Monday August 2”

815 Connecticut Ave, NW

Extract from a press release:

“Restaurateur Ashok Bajaj’s first Washington restaurant, the Bombay Club, will close on Sunday July 4 for a complete makeover to both the front and back of the house, reopening for service on Monday August 2. Executive Chef Nilesh Singhvi will also introduce new dishes while retaining signature classics at this iconic restaurant, located just steps from the White House at 815 Connecticut Ave, NW. The Bombay Club opened in 1988, as Washington’s first sophisticated Indian restaurant. It has always received high praise from food critics, highlighting the exceptional experience the restaurant offered to diners. US Presidents and celebrities have returned repeatedly for the classic Indian dish, enjoyed in a lavish setting designed for gracious entertainment.

“The Bombay Club has grown steadily each year in terms of new and repeat customers, which means that this international city has a fine dining audience that appreciates authentic Indian cuisine and that the location of the restaurant, near the White House , has certainly been a factor in making it a fine dining restaurant for over three decades, ”says Ashok Bajaj. “It’s time to modernize the restaurant with a new look that represents modern India. We will incorporate original artwork and contemporary decor elements, as well as the creation of a new kitchen for our culinary team. Everything about the Bombay Club changes, including table settings, glassware, furniture, and lighting. The grand piano will remain because live music is a tradition that our guests would not want to lose. “

The new restaurant design program is led by Harry Gregory of London-based ARA Design, the go-to design company for many of the Knightsbridge Restaurant Group’s award-winning restaurants since the company’s inception in Washington, DC. Gregory has been responsible for every design scheme improvement at the Bombay Club since it officially opened. The existing private dining room, bar / lounge and the current decor of the spacious main dining room, reminiscent of old clubs in India, will take on a new palette of bright colors against the silk on the walls.

“We keep the good elements of the Bombay Club intact while modernizing the furniture and decor as we move forward to bring a new look of modern India to the nation’s capital,” said landmark designer Harry Greggory. “Commissioned works of art that are totally unique play a vital role in setting the new tone for this iconic restaurant.”

According to designer Greggory, original items such as the large handcrafted brass chandelier, created and imported from India, are retained, as well as the ceiling boxes, shutters, classic paneling and the bar counter. traditional. However, these features are now part of a new contemporary space with a relaxed and understated color palette. Cool gray, with touches of royal blue and turquoise, provides a calm atmosphere to enjoy the exquisite Bombay Club menu.

Modern Italian furniture and lighting harmonize perfectly with the original features and provide a contemporary interior. All freestanding furniture is new. The existing bench seats have been fully updated and upholstered, with a striped velor fabric that adds a sense of luxury and sparkle to the new interior.

The private dining room has its own ‘wow’ factor – with specially crafted and hand-printed wall coverings by Scottish company Timorous Beasties, known for their very unusual and highly decorative wall coverings. The design, called Totem Damask Wallpaper, has no pattern matching. The design is printed to fit the dining room walls. It is a work of art.

The bar and lounge contain comfortable armchairs and sofas covered in turquoise and yellow upholstery that give a fun touch to the space. The bar counter is a masterpiece, with its new paint finish in a striking blue color. This element offers a striking contrast to its previous dark oak color. A distinctive large pendant adds understated glamor to the bar counter itself.

One of the particularities of the Bombay Club is the organized artistic package. These pieces were specially commissioned for the restaurant to provide an insight into Indian costume, dance and culture, all with a modern twist. In the main dining room, we will find a new focal point. A beautifully colored new original art installation, painted in oils and acrylics on fine cotton canvas, which is an impressionistic view of traditional Indian Kathak dance. There are also 10 brushed aluminum silhouettes, which also display the movement and energy of the dancers as they float in silver-accented black box frames, set against a dramatic dark silk wallcovering. Photograph depicting traditional Indian culture is juxtaposed with contemporary color saturation, giving the images a modern feel, while honoring the subjects depicted. In the bar area, a set of seven prints of different sizes, with traditional frames and contemporary finishes, give the photography a timeless appearance. These images have also been selectively colored for impact. The frames that house them have a pewter finish with double white mounts and beveled pads, highlighting each work of art.

In addition to the renovations, Bombay Club Executive Chef Nilesh Singhvi will come up with new menu items featuring gourmet cuisine showcasing the diversity of regional Indian dishes. The Bombay Club will continue to serve the popular and generous Sunday brunch buffet, with unlimited sparkling wine. Singhvi is an accomplished chef with extensive experience, most notably as Executive Chef of Taj Group Hotels, India’s leading luxury hotel chain. His cuisine represents the different regions of India, using only the best quality ingredients to create a harmony of classic flavors.

The Bombay Club has long been favored by presidents, senators and dignitaries, serving guests as esteemed as former President Obama, former President Clinton, former President George HW Bush, former President Nelson Mandela, Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Former Vice President Richard Cheney, Alan Greenspan, Queen Noor of Jordan, Indian Ambassadors, renowned author Dr Deepak Chopra (pioneer of alternative medicine), among other world-renowned leaders. Countless celebrities, including movie stars Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, have also frequented the Bombay Club.

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