Spotlight on Students: Senior Jared Knox Combines His Photography with Other Artistic Avenues

Jared Knox is studying photography at the University of Iowa. He talks about the different artistic outlets that interest him, as well as what inspires him in his work. Knox also talks about his future plans for his photography.

For the most part, photographs are a part of everyday life, but UI Manager Jared Knox knows how a passion for photography can make something really special.

Knox, also known as Bobby, said he always had a camera with him, ready to capture the next big memory or take the next best shot.

The photography student has been taking photos for the past five years and specializes in color, black and white and various types of film cameras.

Knox said he was first drawn to photography in high school when he befriended his art teacher. At the time, he wanted to study nutritional science, but the interest did not last.

As the incoming freshman, Knox declared a major in filmmaking, then eventually moved on to a major in photography.

“I really fell in love with stills, and the power and history that they can convey, and I think I realized my sophomore year of college,” Knox said.

Knox’s commitment to photography does not limit him to a single artistic avenue. His interests extend to drawing and video work, particularly short films. Knox is also taking courses in graphic design, he said.

“I didn’t need a big production studio, or I didn’t need to move or have anything specific. All I needed was my camera and I could have an honest artistic voice, ”Knox said. “I think once I realized that I really got into photography.”

He said he compared photography to film, focusing on what he thought would make a good photo at the time. Instead, he takes photos based on coloring and lighting.

Knox’s bedroom is covered in photographs. Some are his, but many are from other photographs and drawings that inspire his own work. Knox has said that some of the things he finds particularly inspiring in his work are fashion and music.

The layout and design of username Review and Uniqlo are two of Knox’s favorite fashion magazine design inspirations.

As a senior, Knox will soon graduate and enter the workforce. He said that for the types of careers he’s most interested in, he’ll need a lot of experience, so he’s aiming for 15 years and is now focusing on what he’s going to do to get there.

Eventually, Knox said he would be interested in working in cartoon production, possibly with the writers to create the big picture. Officially, Knox would be editor or art director.

Knox said his video work and his photographic work are similar, in that they both strive to portray people as they are as human beings – not just who they are to the camera which is pointed at them.

“I would say my work is personal, it is representative of both how I view a person or a subject of any kind,” Knox said. “But it’s also a bit of a documentary in the sense that the subjects exist in a space they occupy.”