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Ballarat’s drive-in is back after a successful first season in 2020. Showbiz Cinemas will bring the big screen back to the Ballarat Showgrounds with a three-month program. The “retro initiative” first took place in November 2020 when drive-in drives became a popular iso trend across the world. Prior to that, Ballarat had not seen a drive-in movie theater operation since the closure of Southern Drive-In in 1991. Showbiz Group Director Chris Jones is eager to bring the drive-in movie theater experience to the table. a second year. “We are absolutely thrilled to be able to bring this concept back this spring and summer after some difficult times for our community,” said Mr. Jones. “We understand that the drive-in reopening this season will be one of the first major events at Ballarat since the restrictions were relaxed and what better way to enjoy a social outing, watch a movie on the big screen, while able to maintain physical distancing. ” The season kicks off with the classic drive-in film Grease on Friday, November 5, followed by Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on Saturday, November 6. Other lineup includes Mad Max Fury Road, Titanic, Back to the Future, Home Alone, and Dirty Dancing. Customers will be able to listen to the film’s soundtrack via their FM radio in their cars, while a candy bar complete with popcorn, chocolate ice cream and confectionery will be available. BAPS CEO Elizabeth van Beek said the initiative would be positive for the Ballarat community. “With many events canceled, including the Ballarat Show for the second year in a row, we are delighted to partner once again with a local film company to bring something positive, fun and entertaining to the community, ”Ms. van Beek said. John Bourke, who worked at Ballarat’s two previous drive-ins in the 1970s and 1980s, returned on board to help with the operation. “In these times of COVID, we’ve seen a lot of cases of drive-in drives start to reappear. The idea of ​​putting the drive-in back in again and running for a second season at Ballarat is indeed very exciting,” said Mr. Bourke. . The drive-in was made possible through a partnership with Showbiz Cinemas and the Ballarat Agricultural and Pastoral Society. To comply with a safe environment for COVID, all tickets must be completed online. Given the anticipated popularity and the limited number of vehicles allowed in the screening area, customers are encouraged to buy early. Tickets are now available through If you see this post, you are a loyal digital subscriber to The Courier because we have made this story accessible only to subscribers. Thank you very much for your support and for allowing us to continue telling the Ballarat story. We appreciate your support for journalism in our great city.