SHINee’s Minho to star in upcoming Netflix K drama “The Fabulous”


K-pop boyband SHINee’s Minho and actress Chae Soo-bin starred in Netflix’s upcoming K drama series The fabulous.

The streaming giant announced the casting of Minho and Chae in a statement to The fact earlier today (November 18), nothing that he did not “confirm” the upcoming production of The fabulous, with his two sons. Netflix Korea also teased the new drama with a social media post.

the fabulous takes place in Seoul’s fashion industry and will describe the stories of young men and women as they navigate their work, personal lives, friendships and romances, as well as their struggles to stay afloat in a landscape competitive and fast changing fashion.

Minho is set to play the character of Ji Woo-min, a freelance photo editor known for his looks and vast abilities in his profession. Despite this, he lacks passion for his work. At The fabulous, He’s about to develop a relationship with Pyo Ji-eun (played by Chae Soo-bin), a public relations manager for luxury brands, who goes from friendship to romance.

Reports of the casting of Minho and Chae on the show first surfaced in September, which their two agencies confirmed were still in talks to embark on the project at the time.

While a release schedule has not been disclosed by Netflix, previous reports have speculated that it is slated for a worldwide release on the streaming platform sometime in 2022, and would be led by the production company Gil Pictures, which has also been behind popular dramas such as As a woman and League of stoves.

Earlier this week, Squid game and recently released action comedy film Red Notice are among the best releases on Netflix’s new official list of the most watched, following the rollout of a new website from the platform.