She starved to death and nearly died while being watched by the caretaker, her family say

To date, the family said neither Vera nor Project Guardianship has offered an explanation of how Ms Apple ended up in her condition. Vera remains legally responsible for Ms. Apple’s personal care and finances.

During the first week of her hospitalization, Dr. Silverstein said, the hospital refused to allow Ms. Apple’s family to visit or even obtain information about her condition; he said the patient services department told him it was by order of the guardian.

Retained attorney Dr Silverstein and Ms Apple’s sister Marcel Florestal said at a recent conference Vera’s attorney indicated that the organization would agree to step down as Ms Apple’s health care guardian. but that she would seek to remain her guardian. assets, which in 2019 were more than $700,000, according to the report Vera filed Wednesday. In 2019, Vera received $9,375 in commissions for handling Ms. Apple’s finances, according to the report.

Vera founded her Guardianship Project in 2005, in partnership with the state justice system, “in response to studies and news reports documenting abuse by guardians,” according to Vera’s website, which promotes the “model of holistic guardianship services” of the project which includes lawyers. , social workers and financial associates.

Ms Apple’s aneurysm left her with noticeable cognitive deficits and unable to care for herself. But she remained lively and able to carry on conversations, her family said.

Last June, her ex-husband was worried about her weight. He wrote to Beth Williams, Project Guardianship’s lead lawyer in Ms Apple’s case, that she “appeared unusually thin and frail”. Ms. Williams thanked him for bringing the matter to her attention. On Wednesday, Ms Williams, who left Project Guardianship in October, said by phone: ‘I really don’t recall having any correspondence with Gary about Bonnie’s doctors or weight loss.