Schuyler County’s proposed 2022 budget includes 10th consecutive tax cut


SCHUYLER COUNTY, NY (WETM) – Next week there will be a public hearing to comment on Schuyler County’s proposed budget for 2022.

County manager Tim O’Hearn announced the proposed budget on Nov. 2, saying it includes cuts to both the county’s tax rate and the tax levy. he also said he did not foresee any reduction in services or staff.

The County Legislature will hold the meeting at 6:30 p.m. on November 8 at the Social Services Complex in Montour Falls.

Summary of the provisional budget 2022

2021 2022 % difference
Costs $ 49,471,887 $ 55,205,964 11.59%
Returned $ 38,148,181 $ 44,165,094 15.77%
Sampling $ 11,323,706 $ 11,040,870 -2.50%
$ Increase in the amount of the withdrawal $ 264,762 $ (282,836)
Tax ceiling $ 11,582,969 $ 11,777,111 4.00%
Deviation Above Ceiling $ (259,263) $ (736,241)
Tax rate $ 7.13 $ 6.87 -3.63%
with cap $ 7.30 $ 7.33 -6.67%

“Although we still face a lot of uncertainties in the area of ​​public health, we have a lot more clarity on the county’s financial situation than during last year’s budget process, which resulted in dramatic cuts in funding. expenses and income projections. In the end, threats of drastic cuts from NYS did not materialize and the tourism economy rebounded much faster than expected, leading to a year-end surplus. This new financial strength will allow the county to invest in areas previously deemed unaffordable – items such as the county’s basic infrastructure, buildings, machinery, equipment, fleet and people. Following these investments, still favorable budgetary results, which we believe will occur over the next few years, should allow the county to fund reserve accounts as a means of planning and paying for future infrastructure costs. “

Deputy Administrator Fonda Chronis said: “While there are still uncertainties regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, to date the county’s financial situation has improved despite this health crisis. We mourn those who have died or may be lost to the virus, but we celebrate a community that continues to “weather the storm” and is stronger for it. We are seeing tourism at an all time high – full hotels, restaurant lineups and another packed house at Watkins Glen International for the NASCAR race. But uncertainties persist: The Delta variant has dramatically increased our transmission rates and we have a new setting in Albany, so we just don’t know how the pandemic will affect us this fall and winter. “

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