Race report: Geoff Kabush and Laurie Arseneault fastest on day 2 of BC Bike Race 2021

Location: Summerland
Trail Network: Trail Networks, Cartwright and Conkle
Total distance: 35 km (32 km on the clock)
Vertical: 972 meters
Presented by: SHIMANO
Photo credit: Dave Silver

Today’s race in Summerland consisted of two-stage stages. This scenic agricultural valley boasts incredible mountain biking at either end, with Cartwright to the north and Conkle to the south. A small, three-kilometer neutral link between the two mountains allowed the riders to rest and refuel before stepping on the accelerator again for the second round of the day. The crisp morning air gave way to 18-degree temperatures and a blue bird sky offering breathtaking views of the beauty of the South Okanagan.

With yesterday’s gnar-fest over and dusted off, the field for runners is starting to take hold. Yesterday was costly for some athletes like Karsten Madsen, Geoff Kabush and Corey Wallace (all three suffered from mechanical punctures). They may have lost a chance overall, we’ll see. That being said, today was another day and another chance to shine. Kabush, the accomplished champion, took full advantage and won the day, while Laurie Arseneault floated effortlessly on the slopes and continued to build her lead. Haley Smith and Katelyn Button are riding strong in 2nd and 3rd, and it’s a stage race with more gnar on the agenda, anything can happen. There are still four days to go, with Stage 4 (Day 3) kicking off on Apex Mountain tomorrow at 10am. The atmosphere is good, the singletrack is plentiful and everyone is breathing better; excited and happy to get back to the good old mountain bike.
Results of steps (Combined results of steps 2 and 3)

Open Women
Laurie Arseneault – 1:43:37

Haley Smith – 1:48:55

Katelyn Button – 1:51:19

Global Leader Open Women – Laurie Arseneault

Open Men
Geoff Kabush – 1:28:53

Félix Burke – 1:29:16

Andrew L’Esperance – 1:30:16

General Leader Open Men – Andrew L’Esperance

Team of 2 Mixed
Emily Batty, Adam Morka – 1:52:25

Julie Pheonix, Rob Phoenix – 2:20:12

Kathy Beresford, Andy Smallman – 2:23:11

Global Team of 2 Mixed Chefs – Emily Batty, Adam Morka

Results 40+ Women
Bryna Blanchard – 2:03:55

Kimberly Quinlan – 2:05:06

Lyndsay Wrightson – 2:07:50

Global Leader for Women 40+ – Kimberly Quinlan

Results 40+ Men
Eric Tourville – 1:37:45

Graeme Martindale – 1:38:32

Paul Cobham – 1:42:51

Leader of men in total 40+ – Eric Tourville

Results 50+ Women
Grace Menning – 2:06:00

Christine Soucy – 2:09:32

Tamara Blythe – 2:16:42

Global Leader for Women 50+ – Grace Menning

Results 50+ Men
Paul Berry – 1:47:12

Alan Kriss – 1:48:24

John Peachell – 1:50:16

Global leader of men 50+ – Paul Berry

Results 60+ Men
Joe Haegert – 2:22:02

Robin Sydneysmith – 2:30:06

Graeme Fitch – 2:41:14

Overall Leader Men 60+ – Joe Haegart

Team of 2 Open Men
James Clift, Dave Johnson – 1:56:23

Doan Galarneau, Brett Marcoux – 2:04:49

Dietmar Pratz, Mark Ashton – 2:07:55

Global Team of 2, Open Men Leaders – James Clift, Dave Johnson

Team of 2 veterans 80+
John Bula, Taylor Little – 1:50:56

Mark Jansen, Peter Tonkin – 1:50:56

Aaron Heffey, Phil Hess – 2:02:57

Global Team of 2, 80+ Leaders – John Bula, Taylor LIttle

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