Poundland finally opens a new store at Trinity Center in Aberdeen

Poundland has finally welcomed eager shoppers to the new Trinity Centre’s ‘one stop shop’.

The new store opened at 9 a.m. Saturday as the sun shone on Union Street.

Despite the autumn breeze, customers came and went from the new store, exploring the offerings of clothing, fresh produce and various other bargains.

Gladys Winchester from Torry, nicknamed ‘Granny’ by staff, cut the ribbon this morning alongside store manager Ashleigh Murray. Photo by Kami Thomson.

Scott Main, Poundland’s regional manager, described the store as a “one stop shop” and was overwhelmed by the response from the public.

He said: “It’s just great to finally be able to cross the line and it’s definitely been worth seeing it all come together like this.”

Mr Main added that although the original Poundland on Union Street was closed over a year and a half ago, most colleagues have moved to the new premises.

Members of the public lined up outside the Union Street storefront for its opening. Photo by Kami Thomson.

Ashleigh Murray, store manager, explained that the team had people knocking on doors as they tried to settle in to find out when the store would open.

She said: “Everyone we’ve spoken to is so happy we’re open – we’re also happy to be back with them.”

“It’s a really exciting day and I’m really proud of the team for what they’ve delivered this week.”

“Accessible to everyone”

Marie Wilson explained that she was happy the store was finally open after visiting it in the morning.

The 81-year-old said: ‘I live in the city center so I really rely on stores like this, I can’t easily get to Home Bargains and other stores.

“I couldn’t really see much because it was so crowded, but everything was fine and the staff were really nice.

The clothing section is at the back of the store, where there is an entrance to the Trinity Centre. Photo by Kami Thomson.

Bobbi Russel visited the store with her two nephews. She thinks the new store has a better offer and was happy with the clothing section.

The 27-year-old said: ‘Kids can spend their pocket money, they can choose their clothes and they can’t buy just one top because everywhere else it’s so expensive.

“Good to see the city center so busy again now. Glad to see it again and had to go in.

Union Street was busy with shoppers eager to visit the new store. Photo by Kami Thomson.

Rebekah Shanks, 28, said she was happy to see the store reopen after the move.

She commented, “Good to see an empty unit opening up on Union Street.

“It’s a big store so it will be nice to have something in return for locals and something more accessible for everyone.”

“It’s a long time coming”

Linda Stewart, general manager of the Trinity Centre, said the shop has been constantly busy since it opened.

The aisles of the store were busy as people browsed the shelves. Photo by Kami Thomson.

She added: “We are thrilled to have it open and bringing this end of Union Street back to life, coupled with the opening of Union Terrace Gardens.

“Poundland will bring another offer to our customers. It’s been a while to come and gives us a good mix as well.

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[Poundland finally opens new store in Aberdeen’s Trinity Centre]