PhotoUp helps real estate photographers grow and grow their business

With PhotoUp’s professional real estate photo editors, photographers can outsource their editing and focus on other high-impact tasks to grow their photography business.

Outsourcing of real estate photo editing

Many real estate photographers have built their entire careers controlling every aspect of the creative process. While this is great at first, it can hamper future growth once the workload increases.

As the number of clients increases and it becomes difficult to keep up with all the daily tasks, it might be time to consider outsourcing the photo editing process. By eliminating time-consuming post-processing tasks, photographers can take on more work and earn more money without sacrificing the professionalism clients have come to expect. This is where PhotoUp comes in! (intentional pun)

Use a professional photo editing service like PhotoUp assisting with real estate photo editing will help free up time and allow real estate photographers to focus their time where it matters most – being in the field photographing more properties and developing lasting client relationships.

An experienced photo editor can fix issues such as straightening verticals, correcting white balance, evening exposure levels, removing flash shadows, color adjustments, and correcting distorted images.

Additionally, they can also help you with more advanced real estate photo editing services, such as sky replacement, dusk and dusk daytime editing, advanced object removal, and virtual staging. All of these techniques are common aspects of image post-processing that take time away from other high-value tasks.

How much does real estate photo editing cost?

Real estate photo editing can range from $0.50 to $10 per image, depending on the business and editing needs. PhotoUp, for example, starts at $1.00 per picture with a fast turnaround of 24 hours or less, including unlimited revisions.

From experience, clients receive the most value by purchasing a monthly plan and working directly with a member of the writing team as a dedicated custom editor. By establishing a relationship with a dedicated editor, it provides the freedom and security to hand over more of the editing work as the editor comes to better understand the photographer’s style and preferences.

Dedicated editors can also reduce the cost per frame to as low as $0.50/frame, depending on the clients’ shooting and editing style.


Real estate photographers looking to grow and scale their business, add associate photographers, and continue to add new clients can benefit significantly from hiring a dedicated editor or working with a retouching team. Photo.

The flexibility to scale services up and down as needed is part of the reason so many photographers turn to real estate photo editing companies, like PhotoUp, to help them grow and thrive.

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