Photos from the Brooklyn subway shooting scene

Police were called to the 36th Street subway station after several people were shot during the rush on Tuesday morning, officials said, a violent episode that came amid fears for public safety as the New York City is struggling to recover from the pandemic.

The fire department reported that 16 people were injured, several of whom were shot. Preliminary reports suggested that five people had been shot at the station, where the D, N and R lines run through the Sunset Park neighborhood around 8:30 a.m., the police department said. They had also received reports of smoke inside the station.

Times photographers document the scene the day after the shooting.

Andrew Hinderaker, photo editor for The New York Times, was on an R train at the 36th Street station shortly before 8:30 a.m. As he moved to change to an express N train at the platform, an announcement sounded, telling passengers to board the R train, so he returned to the original train, which left the station heading for the 25th Street stop.

When the train stopped on 25th Street, he stayed put. A panic set in among the runners and they started running for the exit, Mr Hinderaker said. He heard someone call for a doctor and followed that person to the front of the train. In one of the cars ahead, he saw three people injured and being picked up by passers-by. A uniformed officer approached, said his radio was out of order, and asked the passengers to call 911.

Firefighters respond to the shooting at a 4th Avenue and 36th Street subway station in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

The scene outside the subway station.

Police gather near the station.

The fire department said 13 people were injured, including several by gunfire, on Tuesday. Several schools near the scene were sheltering in place.

FBI agents also responded to the scene.

New York City police officers and MTA employees direct subway riders away from the suspended N and R lines after the shooting.