IPhone 13 cameras stand out with macro photography, cinematic mode, and ProRes video

IPhone 13 Pro models can take ultra-close-up photos with a new macro mode. Apple This story is part of Apple event, our comprehensive coverage of the latest Apple news. With its new iPhone 13 models, Apple has added some notable new camera features to take the lead in the smartphone photography market. Cinematic Mode, on […]

Rare photos show the early years of NASA’s space shuttle era

Written by Jacopo Prisco, CNN Keep you posted, Cultural queue is an ongoing series of recommendations for books to read, movies to watch, podcasts, and music to listen to. NASA’s first space shuttle was to be called Constitution – a nod to America’s bicentennial that year. But a campaign written by “Star Trek” fans prompted […]

How to protect your digital identity

Cybersecurity, digital identity, 3D illustration getty Whether you log into a bank account, email a coworker, or post a photo on a social media page, every action you take can potentially compromise your digital presence. Identity fraud has become an epidemic in recent years, and that’s arguably due in part to the lack of attention […]

The best free and cheap photo editing software for 2021

Like most software, you can get a great photo editor for free. Many will fix your images with a few clicks or taps, but if you want Photoshop-style control so you don’t adjust the entire image, there are still options among old-school classics like GIMP and Paint.NET for apps. online and even Photoshop Elements from […]

Arts Focus: Arlington Visual Art Studio Tour Returns To In-Person Format

By blogger and guest artist Melanie Kehoss. This year marks the fourth Arlington Visual Art Studio Tour (AVAST). On September 25 and 26, 48 artists open their studios to art lovers so they can see inside the artistic process and workshops, most of which are rarely open to the public. The different disciplines include painting, […]

Local artists speak to ‘Redlining’ at the Dayton Metro Library

In the 1930s, the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation made maps showing that some neighborhoods were safe for investment and others too risky. Those deemed too risky were colored red, but residents were mostly black. Now, some Dayton artists are using their work to help solve the enduring ramifications of redlining. Jason reynolds Leesa Haapapuro is […]

PGA National’s The Match course offers something new and fun

The PGA National Resort is best known for its challenging The Champion course, featuring the Honda Classic PGA Tour and the oft-mentioned Bear Trap. This layout is water everywhere, with enough length and hard knocks to make it one of the toughest tests the pros face every year. Three other resort amenities – The Palmer, […]

How we went wrong with the Baker Mayfield script

Like most fans who pay attention nationally only, there are certain aspects and angles about the Cleveland Browns that we in Chiefs Kingdom are probably cheating on. That’s what Randy Gurzi, the editor of the Dawg Pound Daily, told us when we asked him to discuss the next season opener between the Cleveland Browns and […]

Windows Movie Maker Redux? Microsoft Acquires Web-Based Video Editor Clipchamp

Microsoft has not updated its old one Windows Movie Maker software since 2012, and it hasn’t even offered the old version for download since 2017, leaving Windows users to fend for themselves when it comes to editing and sharing video clips for beginners. Hopefully this situation will change thanks to Microsoft’s takeover of Clipchamp, a […]