Padres roster overhaul proves AJ Preller is a wannabe Andrew Friedman

It’s still a bit “early” in the San Diego Padres’ roster and quest to become a contender, but immediate feedback has not come to fruition. For now, the Pads are one game off the NL Wild Cards table as they continue to fall after losing their fifth straight game on Tuesday night.

And all the Los Angeles Dodgers can do is laugh.

This The team believed they would fit in as the new San Francisco Giants in the heated NL West rivalry. Instead, all we got were some fun and tense showdowns at the start of the season.

Funny how a few months can really make a difference.

The story really turned when the Dodgers stole Max Scherzer from the Padres on the trade deadline. It was the nail in the coffin of San Diego. While this move would certainly have changed the fortunes of the Pads, many of the other deals GM AJ Preller has made haven’t really… yet.

While he stole Jake Cronenworth from the Rays and artfully acquired Joe Musgrove from the Pirates, not everything else seems to be going.

The overhaul of the lagging Padres roster is a farce for the Dodgers.

Look, what the Pads didn’t do wasn’t bad. They had a ton of young talent and now wanted to fight given the rise of Fernando Tatis Jr. as well as the signings of Eric Hosmer and Manny Machado. Preller was right to go for the chinstrap with a number of colossal crafts.

After all, how are you supposed to try and beat the Dodgers?

But swapping 33 players for 11 players, who all combined for a bWAR of 6.2 is what you would call – to put it mildly – a concern. Some of these guys might still adjust to the change of scenery and the moves might not really pay off until 2022 or 2023, but even the most loyal Padres fans will tell you that wasn’t the plan. They needed to win now.

In the defense of San Diego, all of Blake Snell, Yu Darvish, Mike Clevinger and Austin Nola suffered injuries while Daniel Hudson and Adam Frazier witnessed savage regressions beyond comprehension.

Yet the results are the results. How many trades do you see Andrew Friedman doing like this? Certainly not a lot. And what’s even more of a punch for the Pads is that years of their work were quickly overtaken by the Dodgers acquiring Scherzer and Trea Turner on the trade deadline. Scherzer was almost a Pad, and Turner was a Pad (he was traded as part of the Wil Myers deal years ago)!

The narrative could indeed change – feel free to take us by Freezing Cold if it does… because it’s so funny! – but right now the last two years prove that Preller is an aspiring Friedman, and nothing more.

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