Own a piece of Southbank history

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – River City Brewing Company closed last month after 27 years. Now you can own a piece of the iconic Southbank base.

Eco Relics, which preserves hundreds of years of history from around the world, just added items from the River City Brewing Company.

People buy in nostalgia.

“In fact, last Friday we sold a table to a couple who had their first date at River City Brewing Company and now it will be their breakfast table for them and their children,” said Ed Cotton, director of Eco Relics.

Almost 100 River City Brewing Company items were collected in an auction that included a spiral staircase, personal tub, tables, barrels and more.

These items are now up for grabs at Eco Relics.

“I can’t stress enough how beautiful this place was when the sun went down and started to bounce off the river and come in through these windows. Just an exceptional view of downtown Jacksonville. I think like I said there is civic pride, people who love Jacksonville want to keep a little piece of it in their hearts, ”Cotton said.

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Connecting people with sentimental items from the past, this sale generated a lot of buzz. So much buzz it drew more people than any previous sale. It even got past the excitement when the company sold items from Jacksonville Landing.

“Part of Eco Relics’ goal is to make sure that the things people care about and may not have access to are not just dumped in a landfill. Whether they have the ability to reuse it or reuse it in a way that’s important to them, ”Cotton said.

You will have to act fast. These items will not stay long at Eco Relics. To learn more, visit http://ecorelics.com.

Eco Relics is committed to reducing waste, reusing supplies, and providing salvaged and discounted building materials to our community.

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