OSAA 6A Football Playoff Format: 2 brackets of 16 teams, but only 1 state champion

By Rene Ferran | Photo by Taylor Balkom

The OSAA Board of Directors finalized the Class 6A Football Playoff format during its annual summer workshop last week at Eagle Crest Resort in Redmond.

OSAA executive director Peter Weber said Wednesday the board discussed the logistics of the 32-team, two-tier playoffs and how they would play out in its inaugural season in its new format. .

The OSAA decided to follow a similar setup to how state lacrosse tournaments are held each spring. The top 16 teams will be the official 6A State Championship playoffs, while the remaining 16 playoff teams will play in the Columbia Cup.

“They will be recognized for winning the Columbia Cup and being the Cup champion, but they will not be recognized as a state champion,” Weber explained.

The automatic qualifiers from the six 6A Special Districts this fall are:

  • LIP (District 1): 4
  • Metro (District 2): 3
  • Pacific (District 3): 3
  • Mount Hood (District 4): 4
  • Trois-Rivières (District 5): 3
  • Central Valley/Southwest (District 6): 5

This leaves 10 places to be filled in the OSAA ranking.

All league champions ranked outside of the top 16 in the OSAA rankings will be moved to the state championship bracket, supplanting the lowest possible seed at the Columbia Cup. Automatic qualifiers ranked outside of the top 32 will eliminate the lowest ranked teams from the Columbia Cup field.

Had this format been used last season, Pacific champion Sherwood (#21) and co-champion PIL Grant (#23; tiebreaker held by Roosevelt) would have made the state championship champ , eliminating David Douglas (#15) and McNary (#16).

Franklin (#39, fourth in the PIL) would have played in the Columbia Cup, eliminating Oregon City (#32) from the playoffs.