New World, Amphibia and Sonic Forces

As we move on to a scary month and breakup, the team isn’t quite done thinking about some of the later releases for September. This week we have a discussion of New World and some of its more questionable story themes, a discussion of the legacy of Sonic Forces, and the hope that Russell T Davies can bring back the good in Doctor Who.

We also have some great interviews, including one with Amphibia creator Matt Braly, where he delves into some of the themes of the show’s third season, what we can expect to see from the Boonchuy family, and some of the struggles. to create a show during a pandemic.

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Maybe it shouldn’t be called New World?

For the first feature film we’re highlighting this week, editor-in-chief Stacey Henley takes a look at New World and its questionable title. Stacey argues that, for a game about explorers crossing a new land, this probably isn’t the best look to go with a term used for the Americas in the 16th and 17th centuries, and a term related to colonization. It’s not just the name that’s a bit of a problem, as the setting of the game reinforces these themes, leaving a bitter taste overall.

Sonic Forces has always been bad

Sonic Forces has always been a bad Sonic game

We’ve all heard the jokes about Sonic the Hedgehog’s brutal transition to 3D, but no Sonic game in recent memory has been as moderately received as Sonic Forces. Yet somehow it started to be the center of the talk stating that it’s actually good. Sonic resident superfan Cristina Alexander says Forces has never been and never will be a good Sonic game, although fans attribute its problems to being “too ambitious.”

Matt Braly

Matt Braly on Amphibia Season Three, Pandemic Animation and Anne Boonchuy’s Family

The third season of Amphibia is upon us and to mark the occasion, the queen of the cartoon Jade King has had the chance to speak to Matt Braly, the creator of the series. The interview reveals the main trio were aged by Disney during production, explains what it was like to work during a pandemic, and confirms that Amphibia is considered a three-act story, which probably means we’re about to see it happen to a loved one.

Russell T Davies laughs at ComicCon

Only Russell T Davies Can Avoid Another Doctor Canceling

It’s no secret that Doctor Who has been in a pretty difficult position over the past few years, and that has been attributed in large part to the change in writing since Russell T Davies left as showrunner. Well, fans were very happy to hear that he would be returning to the show on his 60th birthday. One such fan, photo editor James Troughton, claims Russell T Davies is the only one who can prevent the show from being canceled after his particularly lackluster tenure recently. We believe in RTD.

Juggler Tale Juggler

As a parent, the story of a juggler is much closer to home

The last feature we want to highlight this week comes from review editor Sam Watanuki, who recently took a look at A Juggler’s Tale and found that his puppet-themed story is much more effective as a parent. Sam maintains that the sad circumstances in which the main character, Abby finds herself, manage to touch you (you understand?) Because of how much you want to protect her from harm.

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