NBA playoffs: will the Bulls get out of the first round this year?

Can the Bulls beat the Celtics?

Wait, do that 76ers.

Wait, do that Bucks.

No, sorry, the Heat.

The Bulls will face one of these teams in the first round of the playoffs. No doubt about it, they will be the underdogs. Their shoddy play of late – and all season against the strongest opponents – has seen to that.

In this week’s “Polling Place,” your home for Sun-Times sports polls on Twitter, we asked you if you’d bet on or against the Bulls to make it to the second round. In what should surprise no one, most of those who voted would not.

“You can’t win with a 6-5 power forward and no playmaker,” @RonaldVoigt4 commented.

Hey, is it Javonte Green’s fault he’s not much taller?

We also asked if the White Sox should give veteran right-hander Lucas Giolito a long-term contract extension – who hasn’t exactly liked his offseason dealings with the front office – and how new general manager Ryan Poles is doing. on reconstruction- the Bears front. Place at the polls:

Poll #1: If you had to bet right now, would you bet on or against the Bulls to reach the second round of the playoffs?

Results: What the heck, let the good vibes speak out. From @JBIRD1268: “If they can overcome their fear of beating quality teams, they can go far.” And from @DeyoSahler: “Scoring critical time is crucial in the playoffs, and the Bulls have two of the best options in the league. I am optimistic that they will win at least one round. We’re sure DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine appreciate the vote of confidence.

Poll #2: Should the White Sox commit to long-term contract pitcher Lucas Giolito, who will be eligible for free agency in 2023?

Results: “Pay the man!” @Marie_Manning asked, capturing the essence of what a vast majority of Sox fans seem to feel. Giolito has risen dramatically since arriving on the South Side, but the Sox will ultimately have to decide whether they consider him an ace — in the truest and fullest sense of the word — or not quite.

Poll #3: What’s your impression of the Bears’ new general manager Ryan Poles based on his personnel moves so far?

Results: A whole bunch of big names – Khalil Mack, Allen Robinson (and counting) – left the building. A bunch of others fit into the Bears picture. Poles and his team do a lot of DIY, which is assumed to be the whole idea. “A nice measured approach,” wrote @JeffreyCanalia. But @doczzt is more skeptical: “Poles may not be as good as the Chicago sports media portrayed them.” Damn media!