National League Wild Card Tracker: Reds win, Padres rest and Cardinals continue to score | Ben frederickson

“The mentality and the camaraderie has always been there, from the first day I got here. As you have seen over the years by watching baseball, it is a sport of confidence. It is built, for them. hitters, on failure. When you’re constantly failing, it’s hard to be confident. But when the guy in front of you starts to do well, you start to be like, okay, I’m going to fix that at batting. falls into place. Our pitching team has been doing that. Waino has been doing this all year. Coming in, you want to follow this guy with a quality start, and give your guys a chance to win. We just built that confidence slowly but surely. And you kind of see it there. Obviously the results speak for themselves. When you play baseball with confidence, even when you give up a few points, you still have the feel like you have a chance to win this game, and we made it during the de last weeks. ” –Jon Lester after limiting the Brewers to three hits and two runs in six innings in Monday’s 5-2 win, which became Lester’s 200th career victory.

The Cardinals’ FanGraphs projection for a wildcard spot, once nearly as low as Bob Gibson’s ERA, is 79.6%.

Hopes. . .

The Reds (3 games back) won a big game after a delayed start by rain on Monday night, rallying to a five-point deficit to beat the Pirates 9-5 in Cincinnati. Joey Votto scored twice to prevent his club from losing another game against the Pirates; Cincinnati’s lost streak to Pittsburgh earlier this month put a huge dent in playoff plans. The Reds have five more games against the Pirates at the end of the regular season, as well as three against the Nationals, who are 13-33 since August. Something to note: The Reds haven’t won three straight games this month, and they have only won back-to-back games once. That will have to change if they are to make things interesting.

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