Myanmar Vaccine Access Review Consultant

1. Background

Myanmar is in the throes of crisis and COVID-19. The response to COVID-19 has been tested by the political crisis. Across the country, with health services not readily available, people struggle to access basic health services. The current crisis has caused the prices of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment to soar, creating a black market for healthcare. Attempts to roll out COVID-19 vaccinations have been limited by various challenges. Thus, vulnerable populations, including internally displaced, marginalized people, migrant workers and people living in poverty, are far from within the reach of the COVID-19 vaccine.

In this context, the objective of this research is to explore the factors that have contributed to the difficulty of access of populations to basic health services, in particular vaccination against COVID-19. Specifically, we would like to understand the complexities of scaling up the immunization program, improving health services accessible to the most vulnerable populations, including IDPs and migrant workers. Additionally, the research will also observe the role of international communities and high-income countries in supporting vaccine accessibility.

2. Job objectives

To do so, this research will delve into the lived experiences of vulnerable people in Myanmar accessing health services, including vaccination against COVID-19, with the following objectives:

Understand if and how the crisis and conflict environment contributes to the accessibility of health services and vaccination against COVID-19

Explore the complexities surrounding expanding the vaccination program, improving health services accessible to the most vulnerable population, including IDPs and migrant workers

Observe the role of international communities and high-income countries in supporting vaccine accessibility

3. Scope of work, specific tasks and responsibilities, work schedule

This consultation will involve working with ActionAid staff to shape research and analysis by documenting the experiences of the vulnerable population. The consultant will lead the co-design of the research framework and instruments, conduct key informant interviews, focus group discussions and case stories, and develop a research report.

This consultation will be managed by ActionAid/Myanmar, and is expected to run from June to August 2022.

In consultation with AAM, responsibilities under this role will include:

· In consultation with ActionAid Myanmar, develop a research framework including a conceptual framework, methodology, research tools and research plan.

· Carry out a literature review

Conduct KIIs, FGDs and collect case stories

· Use ActionAid’s Feminist Research Guidelines when conducting KIIs, FGDs and collecting case histories.

Organize a research validation workshop

Data analysis with gender and age lenses

· Finalize the research report

· Prepare a research file

Lead/participate in research report dissemination events

Ensure and adhere to the safeguard principle and actions throughout the research project

Make sure to collect practical research, so that women’s safety is not compromised in all activities

4. Qualification requirement

We are looking for a consultant with the following key skills and abilities:

a) Education

Master’s degree in public health, social sciences, gender studies, political science, development studies, peace and conflict studies, or related fields. A PhD in a similar field is desired.

b) Experience

· Minimum of 5 years of relevant professional experience in conducting and directing research and documentation projects.

· Excellent knowledge of data collection and analysis

Familiarity with the Myanmar context and the health sector, in particular on access to basic health care and COVID-19 vaccination.

· Demonstrable experience in conducting research on feminist issues and using feminist methodologies and approaches

· Experience of ensuring the quality of data collection

Strong understanding and experience working on fragility and vulnerability

Strong knowledge of feminist theory and approaches

· Proficiency in writing high quality reports in English and ability to write academic texts.

c) Language

· Fluency in English both written and spoken.

d) Others

· Demonstrated experience in writing research reports and publications

Experience in editing reports for international development agencies

Have excellent interpersonal skills and a strong commitment to working collaboratively and in partnership

· Demonstrate accuracy, attention to detail, motivation and the ability to meet deadlines

· Ability to work independently

· Excellent computer skills in MS Word and presentation

· Ability to deliver on schedule and respond to all communications from AAM

5. Expected time (to deliver this work)

NS Deliverables Deadline

1 Developing a research framework in consultation with ActionAid/Myanmar (3 days) June 25, 2022

2 Conduct a literature review (2 days) July 15, 2022

3 Conduct 15 KII and 5 FGD and 3 case stories (10 days) July 20, 2022

4 Organize a research validation workshop (1 day) July 25, 2022

5 Finalization of the research report: analysis and drafting of the report (9 days) August 15, 2022

6 Preparing a research dissertation (2 days) August 18, 2022

7 Research Dissemination Event (1 day) August 31, 2022

The report should be written in English and should not exceed 45 pages (Times New Roman, font size 12, single spaced). To complete the full report, the document should be accompanied by research tools and a research and analysis plan, a list of literature reviewed, a list of interview respondents, and a list of references. The report must be submitted electronically in an MS-Word document.

A reference to APA format will be cited after each important fact and figure. Completed checklists, methodology, plan and photos must be submitted to the AAM.

The consultant is expected to build on the research plan in consultation with the AAM. The AAM research team will work closely with the consultant and the AAM will provide necessary feedback upon receipt of the research framework, research questionnaires and research report.

6. Management reports

The successful candidate will report to the Program Quality and Research Manager, Actionaid Myanmar.

How to register

The interested consultant/team must submit the documents below no later than 5 p.m., June 23, 2022 via the following email address: [email protected]

  • Letter of interest including the contacts of 3 referees and a proposal
  • CV of the consultant(s) who will undertake the activities

Application deadline: June 23, 2022

Due to urgent needs, applications will be assessed on a rolling basis.

Please note that due to the high volume of applications, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview. ActionAid reserves the right to fill the position before the closing date if a suitable candidate is found first.

ActionAid Myanmar is an equal opportunity employer and women are encouraged to apply. All AAM International and Myanmar staff/consultants/trainees/volunteers are required to sign and adhere to ActionAid’s SHEA and safeguard policies at all times.