Men’s basketball defeats Schurr in tough preseason game

Story by Charlotte dekle

photo by Sophie yeung
Photo editor

Men’s basketball slipped past the Schurr Spartans 60-53 in a non-league game on Wednesday, December 15. Although the Tigers won, there were still a lot of stolen moments throughout the game.

At the sound of the departure bell, the junior guard Nick chabot sprinted across the pitch and quickly moved on to the main attacker Jonathan guy which passed between his teammates, only to be intercepted by Schurr.

The Tigers quickly regained control with Guy shooting the top guard and forward Niko Laurent who scored the first two points out of the game. A few minutes later, top guard and attacker Ezekiel Pannell dropped three more points on a pass from Lawrence. Reaching the basket was easy for the Tigers, but hitting the ball was more of a challenge. Both teams struggled in this area, with Schurr missing four straight baskets.

Seniors center Wayans sage, halfway through the first period, restarted the match with power and dynamism. Wayans rushed onto the pitch, dodging incoming Schurr defenders to score a three runs and another run from a free throw.

South Pas kept up the momentum as the ball moved seamlessly between Chabot, Guy, Pannell and Wayans. But Schurr was a tie game, intercepting the ball and replacing control. Tiger’s defensive guards, mainly Chabot and Guy, stretched their bodies out in an attempt to thwart the other team.

Guy saved the ball via an in-bounds pass and Wayans took control, avoiding the Spartans to get three more points for the Tigers with two more free throws to make it 11-10.

Towards the end of the first period, the competition stiffened. The Tigers tried to move up the field, but Schurr intercepted and scored three more baskets. However, there have been some successful breakaways, like Pannell, with an assist from Chabot scoring his first set of points of the game.

As time passed, South Pas took control with another score from Lawrence, bringing the Tigers to 4 points with an 18-14 lead.

Schurr won a basket early in the second quarter and the Tigers regrouped by circulating new players. Guard and first year wing Oni Balogun succeeds Chabot who turns out to be a formidable defender. In addition, the junior wing Finny Ho was shot and dominated the offense, scoring a three-point. Schurr attempted a resurgence but was stopped by guards Lawrence and Guy. The ball was eventually passed to Wayans who dunked and scored.

The second quarter was a time of transition for the Tigers, as new blood was introduced, along with reliable players to help them get out of constant interceptions. Chabot returned and quickly regained control of the game, refusing to let the Spartans touch the ball. At the end of the second quarter, the game was tied for 23 each.

South Pas found fire in their eyes and passion in their footwork for the third quarter, determined to win. Wayans scored a run, immediately followed by Pannell scoring a two-runner, bringing the score to 26-23.

Schurr was determined not to give up his hold, challenging the Tigers with five more points. Wayans and Chabot continued to dominate the game, bringing the Tigers to 34-29. Tiger’s impressive footwork fell short of Schurr, who scored again. In a quick turnaround, Schurr scored 43-39. Schurr ran out of time and avoided any drastic moves.

Frustrated by the reversal of the third quarter, the Tigers came back passionate and ready to do battle. Chabot took control and analyzed his options. Schurr rushed for the ball and passed between their players, ultimately scoring without much interference with Tiger.

Throughout the game, Schurr took the upper hand thanks to fouls, which led them to increase their score to 40 points. For many moments that passed, Wayans was calm and calculated, while Chabot continued to be a firecracker, darting his eyes between his fellow gamers. Guy wanted to have fun and passed to Wayans who scored a two-point run followed by a one-pointer.

As spectators shouted “Defense” from the sideline, South Pas took notice. The Tigers continued their fierce aggression. Ho scored a three runs and Schurr followed closely to take a 50-46 lead. Chabot maintained his aggressiveness and ferocity while Wayans remained calm and scored again, tying the game 50-50. With tremendous teamwork, Ho scored an assist from Pannell and a successful Guy shot put the Tigers up 54-50.

A complex fourth period pass between Pannell, Guy, Chabot and Ho led to another basket from Guy which moved the Tigers to 56 while Schurr was at 50. Off Schurr’s personal fouls, Wayans completed another free throw . Guy remained aggressive, which ultimately cost him a foul. Tensions were high in the dying minutes of the game as both teams searched for the lead.

Schurr continued to play a valiant game, gaining three more points. In response, Wayans and Chabot scored essential free throws that took the final score to 60-53, in favor of the Tigre.

“They were a really tough team and they made us better as a group,” said Wayans. “A few tough losses and it won us over. I think we will have better energy to start the matches now. “

The Tigers will play their next non-league game at La Serna on Saturday, December 18.

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