Make Halloween memories memorable

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) – It can take a long time to put together that perfect Halloween costume. And with so many fun activities going on, you might forget to document the good times.

The memories you create can last long after Halloween, and a cell phone service wants to help.

There are plenty of Halloween apps that you can download regardless of your mobile carrier.

“Since it’s Halloween time of the year, it’s definitely a great time for selfies to capture all of those moments,” said Chris Conley, US Celluar store manager. “We’re just helping showcase the apps you can use on your devices to really let your memories shine through. “

According to US Celluar, the Halloween Photo Editor app and the Vampify app will turn you into a fang-tastic vampire, while Ghost Lens lets you pose with your spooky mind. US Celluar also encourages people to use the Autumn and Halloween Pics Frame app to decorate your selfies to make them more seasonal and festive.

To further enhance the experience, US Celluar staff recommend that users use phrases in their photos to make the experience smart. Some of these phrases include: “Scary things are happening. Or “Ghouls just wanna have fun.”

US Celluar advises users to use common apps like Tik Tok to make videos of each other in costumes.

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