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Local pride t-shirts

by Missouri is awesome and sold at 5 pound clothes

What you will find: There are plenty of 5 Pound tees that show a love of 417-land like the classic “Springfield, MO Where Dreams Come True” sun design you’ve probably seen around town. You can get it in gold if you want to stand out, or in gray for a more subtle show of pride. (Bonus: they also have fun with local love socks!)

Why we love it: You can wear your city and region’s pride on your chest and look cool while you’re at it. Tip: Wear these while you travel and see if you encounter any other 417 Landers as you explore the world. Additionally, when you purchase a shirt from 5 Pound Apparel, the company provides 5 pounds of food to a needy person in the Ozarks.

Who it is for: Anyone who not only feels the local pride, they also want to wear it.

Springfield Park Board Shirts

Available at The local band and a few Park Board locations like the Springfield Botanical Gardens Gift Shop and Lake Springfield Boathouse.

What you will find: Do you have a favorite local park? Some beloved spots have won spots on fun t-shirts with designs that remind us of vintage national park artwork. There are tees for Sequiota Park, Jordan Valley Park, Springfield Botanical Gardens, Phelps Grove Park and Doling Park.

Why we love it: The artwork is so lovely and we love that vintage vibe they have. Plus, who wouldn’t want to wear something that reminds them of lazy afternoons strolling around some of Springfield’s prettiest spots?

Who it is for: Someone who really appreciates all the green spaces in Springfield.