LottieFiles lifts B-series to make animation format even more ubiquitous – TechCrunch

Lottie animations are everywhere. The JSON-based file format, first introduced as an open-source library by Airbnb engineers, can now be seen in top 500 iOS and Android apps, says LottieFiles co-founder Kshitij Minglani . What LottieFiles does is streamline the process of turning animations made in software like Adobe After Effects into Lotties so they can be placed in applications.

LottieFiles is now used by animation and motion designers at 150,000 companies, including Google, TikTok, Disney, Uber, Airbnb and Netflix. The startup announced today that it has raised $37 million in Series B funding led by Square Peg Capital, with participation from XYZ Venture Capital, GreatPoint Ventures and returning investors 500 Startups and Microsoft Venture Fund, M12 .

LottieFiles plans to use the funding to expand its product roadmap, hire its engineering and R&D teams, and develop a new workflow that will make it easier to ship Lottie animations so designers can focus more on entertainment. LottieFiles also has the world’s largest repository of free Lottie animations.

LottieFiles was founded in 2017 by Minglani and Nattu Adnan. TechCrunch last covered the company when it announced a $9 million Series A round in January 2021. LottieFiles has now raised about $47 million in total. Since its Series A, LottieFiles has grown from around 1 million users to 3.1 million.

LottieFiles simplifies the workflow between creating an animation in software like Adobe After Effects and then shipping it to its final destination in an application. The startup currently has a plugin for Adobe After Effects and other design software. Otherwise, Minglani told TechCrunch, the process is very complicated. LottieFiles allows designers to preview how their animation will look in-app and then ship it without hours of coding.

“We democratize motion design like Canva democratized design,” Minglani said. “Before Canva, it was Photoshop, which required hundreds of hours. We do the same for the motion design industry.

Correction, 4/3/22: LottieFiles previous round was $9M Series A; the original report incorrectly called it a B-round. The post has been updated with the correct information.