Kings general manager Monte McNair chooses Dodgers, In-N-Out in Twitter Q&A


Sacramento Kings general manager Monte McNair and Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Randive chat in the first quarter during a game at the Golden 1 Center on Friday, February 12, 2021 in Sacramento.

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Kings general manager Monte McNair took to Twitter to entertain fans with an impromptu question-and-answer session on Thursday.

There was only one condition: McNair said he didn’t want to answer questions about basketball because the Kings had a day off after beating the Los Angeles Clippers 113-98 in of a preseason game Wednesday at Staples Center.

“Kings fans, I have some time this afternoon, happy to answer a few questions,” McNair tweeted. “Only rule: as it is a holiday for us, nothing to do with basketball! What do you got for me?

The frivolity ensued when fans asked the 37-year-old executive about his thoughts on In-N-Out, who they should play in fantasy football and if he’s ready to stop being a fan. of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

McNair has revealed that his fantasy football team are 3-1, but he is worried about last week’s loss to his brother and is suffering injuries from Dalvin Cook, David Montgomery and Amari Cooper.

Kings fan and Twitter user @HeuristicLineup asked McNair for his thoughts on In-N-Out.

McNair, a Southern California native who spent 13 years with the Houston Rockets organization before the Kings hired him in September 2020, sent shockwaves through Kings Twitter with his response.

“Better than Whataburger,” McNair said.

Kings point guard De’Aaron Fox has publicly stated his preference for Texas-based Whataburger. One fan urged McNair not to upset his rising star, responding, “Delete this before De’Aaron sees it.”

Twitter user @rustin_sol asked, “Can’t you be a Dodgers fan?”

“If the Giants win the series, I’ll tweet a picture of myself wearing a Giants jersey,” McNair promised.

@DesWtf asked, “What shows have you watched recently?”

“Ted Lasso and Goliath,” McNair replied.

@ Purple_P23 asked, “What was your favorite TV show when you were a kid?”

“Fresh Prince and Saved by the Bell,” McNair said.

@ KingsForever94 asked: “Have you seen Squid Game?”

McNair: “Not yet, should I?”

@Magical_Mashu asked, “Have you ever visited the California State Railroad Museum in old sacramento?”

McNair said, “My little guy is all about trains right now, so yeah. We have already taken the train several times too!

@Jmbhanji asked, “Which Star Wars character are you?

McNair: “R2D2?”

Famous Kings fan @JillAdge asked McNair what his favorite thing about Sacramento has been so far.

McNair: “My wife and I love it so far! I’m going to steal her answer and tell people – everyone is so nice and welcoming. The # 2 answer is the weather, especially as fall approaches.

@ jshah1027 asked, “How has the city of Sacramento been so far and how far / close is it to perception?”

McNair: “It has been incredible and the perception is far from it. Extremely underrated city that deserves much more appreciation than it receives.

Jason Anderson is an award-winning sports reporter for The Sacramento Bee. He began his career as a journalist at The Bee over 20 years ago and returned to cover the Sacramento Kings in September 2018.