Instagram is testing a new photo format with an ultra-high aspect ratio of 9:16. Read here

San Francisco: In a bid to match its full-screen reels, Meta-owned photo and video sharing platform Instagram has confirmed that it will soon start testing new “ultra-high photos”. According to The Verge, the company will introduce support for thinner and taller 9:16 aspect ratio photos to help them fill the entire screen when users scroll through the app’s feed.ALSO READ – Instagram plans to roll back new features after receiving backlash from users around the world

Currently, the platform achieves a screen ratio of around 4:5 when displaying vertical images which have been cropped accordingly and the new test will begin “in a week or two”. “You can have great videos, but you can’t have great photos on Instagram, so we thought maybe we should make sure we treat both equally,” said Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram. Instagram, during its weekly “Ask Me Anything”. Also Read – Facebook, Instagram To Show More Unknown User Posts By End Of 2023

Previously, Instagram’s TikTok-like redesign was criticized by some photographers for how it forced all photos to display awkwardly in a 9:16 frame. Apparently, the company still intends to present this ultra-high photo experience, but without making it mandatory at all levels. Also Read – Facebook Parent Meta Releases First Earnings Drop in History

According to reports, the company also said that it will reduce the number of recommendations presented to users until it is more effective in selecting content that they will actually enjoy. Recently, the platform started asking some users about their race and ethnicity. The company said that if it did not know people’s race or ethnicity, it would be limited in assessing the impact of its products on different communities.