Incomparable journalist/photographer Jacy Lewis bids farewell to Midland Reporter-Telegram

I am grateful for the Midland Reporter-Telegram. The newspaper that took a chance on me and took me from small town Nebraska to big state Texas. My job at the MRT has given me many opportunities to meet wonderful people in Midland and throughout the Permian Basin. Even if I leave my job to enter the world of corporate communication, I will never be able to completely give up journalism. Most importantly, I want to thank Reporter-Telegram Editor-in-Chief Stewart Doreen, Former Editor-in-Chief Mary Dearen, Online Editor Mercedes Cordero, Former Editor-in-Chief Rich Lopez, Photo Editor Tim Fischer, editor Mella McEwen, sports editor Oscar LeRoy, sports writer Chris Hadorn, former photojournalist James Durbin, former general reporter Caitlin Randle and former editor Tori Aldana for making the paper a place of such a special job.

Since I started at the newspaper four years ago, my responsibilities and tasks have changed dramatically over the years. However, my daily duties at the newspaper have always been exciting and adventurous. Some of my favorite memories are meeting restaurant owners who are passionate about their cuisine and their work. Also, while Midland has some delicious Tex-Mex restaurants, I really enjoyed showing Midlanders the culinary variety this city has to offer. I have to give special thanks to Chip Hight at Opal’s Table, The Basement and soon Mister Chip’s Kitchen! I appreciate your kindness and willingness to welcome me to the Midland restaurant scene and when I come to report on your incredible efforts, I always have time to talk. Of all my weekly duties at the MRT, I will miss writing Small Bites the most. As long as I live in Midland, I will eat and support local restaurants.

In addition to amusing reviews and restaurant openings, as a journalist I have witnessed and reported enough significant historical events from the Permian Basin to fill a lifetime. I photographed and recorded the horrific mass shooting of August 31, 2019, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, President Trump’s visit to the Permian Basin, the Andrews bus crash tragedy that upended community, countless cultural events and many more unique events in the Permian Basin. , including countless Friday Night Football games.

In addition, I made connections in Odessa with my working time on the MRT 191 News. I enjoyed meeting so many influential people there who continue to shape and change Odessa. Have to say Midland needs a queso and margarita trail one day, like Odessa did a few years ago! If you are looking for a restaurant recommendation in Odessa, Flair Taverna ( knows what he’s doing with pasta. I can’t say enough about Randy Ham at Odessa Arts and the important work he continues to do to bring the arts to the Permian Basin.

Midland proved to be an exciting city to cover and experience. Outside of my crazy schedule, I fell in love and met my fiancé, Garrett. I adopted two local cats, Texas and Luci, the latter from Grand Companions, which is an amazing rescue. Finally, I became a dog mom to two crazy huskies, Helen and Walker, who need and love their daily walks. The folks at the Sibley Nature Center graciously added me to their group for the nonprofit’s marketing committee, which I will continue to contribute to on projects. Without worrying about a conflict of interest or a schedule, I’m excited to find other ways to give back to the community.

As I leave the newspaper, I cannot stress the importance of local journalism. Please support local journalism and tell your family, friends and neighbors to support it too. Newspapers only recently became “free” thanks to the Internet. Stop depending on people’s hard work for free. After all, when was the last time you walked into a company and complained about the company charging for their services?