Imaging solutions and Ultimate TechnoGraphics provide a fully automated multi-format printing solution

Dielsdorf, Switzerland, Montreal, Canada, July 29, 2022, Imaging Solutions AG, a Swiss manufacturer specializing in image enhancement software and modular systems for the automated production of on-demand photo prints, flatbed books and d ‘canvas framing, and Ultimate TechnoGraphics, a leader in imposition and finishing automation, join forces to deliver a fully automated digital photo printing workflow optimized to save paper and deliver efficiency and maximum flexibility.Multi-format print orders are a challenge for print labs. While they are increasing in percentage terms, the current production process is often cumbersome and inefficient. The production and storage of partial print orders before melting and packaging is still very common. multiCut is a fully automated industrial XY cutter and sorter, which greatly simplifies the production of multi-format print orders without splitting them in-process.×394.png 768w,×787 .png 1536w” style=”box-sizing:border-box; height: 461px; max width: 100%; border: 0px; font: inherit; vertical alignment: baseline; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; viewing block; width: 900 pixels » /> multiCut device from Imaging Solutions AG

Combined with powerful automation software such as Ultimate Impostrip®, print providers can take full advantage of a lean digital workflow, while maximizing every batch and number of prints, while reducing operator needed to manage this device.

“The multiCut device is available today for digitally printed rolls and can operate in near-line and in-line configurations,” says Anthony Pieters, CEO of Imaging Solutions, “A sheet-fed version will also be available by 2022.”

“Combined with Ultimate Impostrip®” Pieters continues, “We can provide a complete end-to-end solution that is required of printers to minimize labor costs. In addition, the paper savings are enormous thanks to this solution.

Ultimate Impostrip® is the new standard in imposition automation, delivering unmatched efficiency, flexibility and scalability in prepress and printing. It has been extended to offer automatic batch processing and grouping for the multiCut device, making the combined solution capable of exhausting the lights for any digital press.

“We were delighted to work closely with Imaging Solutions throughout this project,” says Julie Watson, CEO of Ultimate TechnoGraphics, “They have a team dedicated to this solution and can provide good support for the solution combined with in-house software experts.”

The combined solution is a game-changer for any web-to-print e-commerce operation offering multi-size photo print orders and wanting to minimize touchpoints, facilitate same-day delivery and do more with less. To learn more about the solution, visit and

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Imaging Solutions AG (ISAG) is a Swiss manufacturer specializing in customized systems for the processing and post-processing of photographic images. Since its inception in 2003, ISAG has established itself as one of the imaging industry’s leading equipment suppliers enabling the creation of high-end imaging products.

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Automation drives results in print. It is the basis of all our software development and today, print service providers around the world benefit from increased productivity in a digital and hybrid environment. Ultimate TechnoGraphics invented digital imposition with the first version of Ultimate Impostrip® in 1989, and has continued to lead the market ever since, while providing the most innovative and advanced imposition products. progressive.

Today, Ultimate is a leader in imposition and finishing automation software solutions. The company has a rich history of delivering and integrating imposition technologies into hardware and software workflow solutions for printing industry leaders.

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