How to Watch Ree Drummond’s “Big Bad Budget Battle” TV Show

If you love watching Ree Drummond on his hit Food Network show, The pioneer womanget ready for more of yours as she hosts an all-new primetime competition series premiering this summer.

The TV show? Battle for the big bad budget (also known as “BBBB”).

The concept? Plan, shop and cook for a week of delicious food on a budget!

Ree recently took to Instagram to share her love and excitement for this economic showdown. “I’m so excited for this show. 🥺😭,” Ree captioned her Instagram. She also gave us a glimpse of what we can expect in the upcoming episodes. “Let me paint the picture for you: a competitive show featuring home cooks, smart shopping, everyday ingenuity, culinary creativity, on-the-fly dinner decisions, and SO much delicious food!”

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In each episode, home cooks will be given a tight budget and two sets of challenges, like making a meal with all the ingredients in the pantry or turning leftovers into something totally new. They’ll have to use their smart shopping skills to come up with some truly creative dishes (something Ree knows a thing or two about herself). That means splurging on a prime rib might not be possible; thrifty supermarket tricks, like making your own buttermilk, will be the key to coming out on top.

Ree’s rotating panel of judges will include familiar faces like Eddie Jackson, Beau MacMillan, Catherine McCord, Damaris Phillips and Justin Warner. They’ll be looking not only for the best cook, but also for the savviest shopper to win the grand prize: a year’s worth of groceries! 😱

We all know that the price of groceries has gone up. Indeed, according to a Consumer Price Index Report, food prices increased by 10.4% in June (compared to last year). And that’s precisely why Ree’s new show will resonate with so many viewers. BBBB will be filled with “incredible ideas, great advice and endless inspiration ❤️,” Ree said on Instagram.

So what should applicants keep in mind? When it comes to grocery shopping without breaking the bank, Ree has her own advice:

  1. Make a list in advance! Browsing the aisles will lead you to grab things you may not need.
  2. Know what you have before you go. You will end up wasting food if you double up on items you already have enough of.
  3. Buy in bulk! You can always split family packs into individual servings and freeze them for later.

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    You can look Battle for the big bad budget on Food Network on August 9 at 10 p.m. EST or stream the same day on Discovery+.

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