How to edit images in Canva

There are many photo editing apps on your phone and PC. But, these built-in photo editors hardly ever give you anything more than an option to crop, rotate, and filter your image. Imagine using a powerful tool that is also available online, and this is where Canva can make a difference.

How to edit images in Canva

Known for creating Instagram logos and posts, Canva also offers a powerful photo editing tool that gives you a lot more tools than an average photo editing app, while still being easy to use. We’ll show you how to use Canva’s Image Editor to create eye-catching photos.

How to crop, resize, and flip an image in Canva

First, let’s see how you can upload your image to Canva’s image editor to start editing it.

Step 1: Open your web browser and go to Canva. Click the Create Design button to choose the Edit Photo option from the menu.

Create a design in Canva

2nd step: Upload the photo from your PC and click on the Edit Photo option.

Edit a photo in Canva

Step 3: Once downloaded, a project window will appear and you are ready to edit your photo using Canva’s image editor.

Project window

Crop images in Canva

Cropping your image allows you to focus on the main subject of the photo by removing distracting elements. To crop your image in Canva, select the image in the project window and click the Crop button at the top.

Crop the image in Canva

Now adjust the frame surrounding the image to crop your photo. Finally, click Done to save the changes.

Crop images in Canva

Resize images in Canva

In addition to cropping, you can also resize your photo to a particular dimension in Canva. To do this, click the Resize button at the top left and enter your preferred width and height under Custom Size.

Resize the image in Canva

Return images to Canva

You can also flip images in Canva’s image editor to give them a new perspective. To do this, select the image in the project window and click the Flip button to mirror your image horizontally or vertically.

Flip the image in Canva

How to apply filters in Canva

Along with the basic editing tools, Canva also offers some captivating filters that you can apply to your photo. Here’s how.

Step 1: Select the image in the photo editor and click on the Edit Image option.

Apply filters to photos

2nd step: In the menu that appears on your left, scroll down to the Filters section. You can apply any filter by clicking on it. In addition, you can also double click on the filter to change its intensity.

Use filters in Canva

Alternatively, you can also enhance the image manually using a few tuning tools. To do this, click on the Edit Image button at the top left and go to the Adjust section. Click the View All button next to it to expand it.

Make adjustments

Here you can manually change things like brightness, contrast, saturation, clarity and more to brighten up your image.

Make adjustments to the photo

How to remove the background from an image in Canva

Gone are the days when you had to use a brush and an eraser to remove the background from a photo. With Canva, you can easily remove the background from your photo with just a few clicks.

To remove the background from the photo, select it and click the Edit Image button at the top. Now choose the Remove background option from the list.

Remove background from image

This will remove the background.

Background removed

Once deleted, you can now add elements and text to your photo to make it more interesting.

How to add elements and text in Canva

While you can crop and apply filters to an image on almost any photo editing app, what sets Canva apart from the competition is its comprehensive library of text elements and styles that you can use to give them a more professional appearance.

Add elements to the image

Step 1: Switch to the Items tab on your left. Here you can browse Canva’s vast library containing various stickers, graphics, photos, graphics, and more.

Insert elements on the image

2nd step: Click on the preferred item to add it to your image. Once added, you can move, resize and crop the element using the toolbar above.

Edit items in Canva

In addition, you can also lock the added element so that you don’t accidentally move it. To lock an item, select it and click the lock icon at the top right.

Lock item in Canva

Likewise, you can also delete an item using the trash can icon next to it.

Add text to the image

Besides stickers and photos, you can add text to your image to make it more descriptive.

Step 1: Go to the Text tab on your left. Now choose from the available text styles to add a text box.

Alternatively, you can also explore and use readily available font combinations to add text to your image.

Add text to the image

2nd step: Edit the text inside the text box and move it to your preferred location. Additionally, you can change the font style, size, color, position, spacing and more using the toolbar at the top.

Insert text on the image

Again, you can lock or remove the added text boxes using the toolbar above.

How to upload an edited photo

After editing your photo, you will need to upload it. You can download it by following the steps below.

To upload your photo, click the upload button in the upper right corner and use the drop-down menu under File type to choose from the available formats. Finally, click on the Download button to get your image.

Download the picture

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Last updated on October 16, 2021

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