How to Create a Cartoon Avatar: Online Apps and Programs

Nowadays, everyone wants to see themselves in different artistic styles. Some want to caricature an image, add a filter and turn it into caricatures just for fun. Indeed, you don’t need any reason to join in the fun of editing.

Photo Cartoonizer apps and software are widely available for both Apple and Android devices. Cartoonized photos can be used by individuals as avatar, emoji and personal logo. The reasons vary depending on the creativity.

If you want to caricature yourself but don’t know where to start, we’ve listed the best apps and platforms that can help you.

3 online programs to caricature your face quickly

  1. Imagetocartoon

1.1. Overview:

Imagetocartoon is among the best photo designer available online, and their use may be free. With this software system, you can caricature faces and create funny cartoon avatars. Each week, you can caricature yourself in a total of ten images in the following formats: JPG, PNG and JPEG.

1.2. Main characteristics:

  • Draw photos instantly
  • Contact customer service representatives 24/7.
  • Therefore, you won’t need an account or subscription to use most features.
  • User privacy is protected by the tool. Photos will be automatically deleted in 3 hours.

1.3. Pricing plan:

(a) Daily rate – $4.9/day

  • Basic to Advanced Cartoon Effects
  • Forty credits for one day of use.

(b) Premium Plan – $6/month

  • Basic to Advanced Cartoon Effects
  • 100 credits for one month of use.
  • Free code for app in annual plan
  • 24/7 support

(c) Pro plan – $14/month

  • Basic to Advanced Cartoon Effects
  • 300 credits for one month of use.
  • Free code for app in annual plan
  • 24/7 support
  1. Lunapic

2.1. Overview:

Lunapic is probably among the best photo maker if you are on a budget but want to edit a quality image. It can turn your images into cartoons with its streamlined design and tools. To our surprise, this little tool is free. From the user side, it is also a trustworthy editor to draw your face as it holds a 4.5 star rating in mainstream app stores.

2.2. Main characteristics:

  • Can upload and cartoon image up to 10 images simultaneously.
  • No registration and subscription are required.
  • Hundreds of animation effects, frames, filters, texts and tools to use.
  • Quick and easy upload and download.
  • Applicable to any computer.

2.3. Pricing plan: (Freemium)

Lunapic is a total giveaway because it’s completely free. You can access and use the tool without paying anything.


3.1. Overview: is not your average cartoonist. This platform converts images into dramatic cartoon images or caricatures. It can create more than 60 cartoon and caricature photos from a single original photo.

3.2. Main characteristics:

  • Support is available 24/5. You can contact them about the tool every working day.
  • This digital AI tool also has a safe conversion, so it is protected. Edited photos are regularly deleted.
  • Draw your face and draw yourself, then see what you can really do. This also works for cartoon avatars.

3.3. Pricing plan: $0.0 (Free) is a completely free tool. Simply sign up and enable email notifications. Then you can freely access all its features.

3 apps to create a cartoon avatar

  1. toonme

1.1. Overview:

Toonme is a digital application that offers images to cartoon services. You can get your image completely redrawn into a rendered vector cartoon thanks to its advanced AI tools. It turns images into art with just one click.

1.2. Main characteristics:

  • Vector Portrait Themes and Templates
  • Full Body Cartoon Style
  • Tons of fancy designs and layouts

1.3. Pricing plan: (in-app purchases)

Toonme is available for free use, but there will be inevitable ads and limited access. You can cartoon an image and access all features by purchasing the pro version for only $4.99/month.

  1. Creator of avatars and cartoons: Zmoji

2.1. Overview:

Zmoji is a photo designer which serves as a personal avatar and emoji maker with its ability to customize and edit. You can create unique emoji you like. However, it is currently only available for Apple devices.

2.2. Main characteristics:

  • Create unique avatars and emoji
  • Draw photos with easy-to-use tools.
  • Create emojis, stickers and even GIFs.
  • Use the emojis you created on your keyboard.

2.3. Pricing plan: (Premium upgrade subscription)

Zmoji can be upgraded to premium with their only $99.99/year offer. Premium subscription offers unlimited avatars, more accessories, outfits and exclusive themed emotes.

  1. Cartoon Photo Editor: PicMagic

3.1. Overview:

The majestic technology of PicMagic can transform your selfies and caricature the face. The application offers fantastic effects such as vintage, pixel, drawing, dreamworld, mosaic, etc. It only takes one click to save the output.

3.2. Main characteristics:

  • Before converting your photos to cartoons, make sure they are as good as possible.
  • PicMagic provides preferential cartoon effects for anyone who prefers to see things in color.
  • Create a Universal Studios effect for your selfie using a Disney-like effect.

3.3. Pricing plan: (in-app purchases)

PicMagic can be enjoyed freely upon installation, but it also offers a subscription for the full user experience. Here are the available options:

(a) 1 week

(b) 1 year


Today’s new and different technologies have certainly made life more fun and interesting. The emergence of cartoon software is a perfect example. It is the easiest utility with which you can create cartoons from your images. There are graphic effects that you can apply to photographs and turn them into cartoons.

Most of the applications and software provided in this list can caricature photos with a safe and fast process. It’s instant magic from developers who want to help people discover a dream tool.

When you draw yourself and your pictures, you can use them online as avatars and emojis. You can also send the edited image to your friend and feel the vibe. After all, it’s a generation of technological freedom for anyone, anywhere.