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Photo of Jodeco Road with four lanes and a central median (photo Henry County)

The Henry County Chamber of Commerce invites residents to attend one of T-SPLOST’s upcoming town halls. T-SPLOST town halls will be available in a virtual format.

The chamber is leading efforts to encourage voters to adopt SPLOST transport in November. If the vote passes, T-SPLOST will raise around $ 245 million for local transportation projects.

Town halls of T-SPLOST

Three town halls are available. They include the following:

  • Bipartite town halls with legislators: Thursday 23 September and Wednesday 27 October. The two town halls will take place from 6.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.
  • Town hall with departmental and municipal elected officials: Sunday, October 10, from 4.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.

State Representative Demetrius Douglas, State Senator Brian Strickland and State Senator Emanuel Jones will participate in the legislature’s town halls. Henry County President Carlotta Harrell will lead town hall along with local officials.

Participants can register by filling out the form here. Participants will receive an email with the event link afterwards.


If T-SPLOST passes, then Henry County will receive $ 165 million in collections. The county plans to spend $ 155 million on major highway projects:

  • Widening of State Route 81 (Phase I), Postmaster Drive and Bethany Road – $ 28 million
  • Widening Bill Gardner Parkway, I-75 to SR 155 – $ 34 million
  • Widening Jonesboro Road from Mill Road to N Road Mt. Carmel – $ 35 million
  • Widening Mill Road from Jonesboro Road to Flea Market – $ 5 million
  • McDonough Parkway Extension, SR 42 to SR 155 – $ 14 million
  • Widening of Rock Quarry Road, Hospital Drive to SR 138 – $ 27 million
  • Widening of Fairview Road from Hearn Road to SR 155 – $ 12 million

In addition to the widening of roads, the projects include sidewalks. Typically, widening projects include a five-foot sidewalk and a ten-foot multi-use path on either side of the roadway.

Cities will also receive funds. To view their project listings, see the links below:

The image shown shows Jodeco Road near I-75. Photo credit Henry County.

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