HASK’s high-performance hair care is celebrity-loved and so affordable

I have afro hair, so I’m on a constant mission to find the best and most hydrating curl products to wash and detangle the ‘fro. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this Curl Care collection. The entire HASK line is free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones and gluten, which is music to my ears. I usually waste half a bottle of shampoo on wash days. Out of habit, I was generous with the amount I applied, but with the Moisturizing shampoo of this range, a little goes a long way.

I rinsed it thoroughly, then I applied the Detangling conditioner and left it on my head for a good five minutes. As I combed through my curls with my fingers, I could feel them untangling without too much tugging and tugging. Hit! After rinsing I could already tell my hair was softer – and after styling you could see that natural sheen and shine. I love when my curls are renewed. Washday isn’t so bad after all.

Evaluation: 8/10

Louisa Bryant, GLAMOR Commercial Photo Editor

Product: HASK Biotin 5-in-1 Leave-In Spray, £6.99

Living in London has exposed my hair to harmful elements. With my fairly fine, dry and damaged hair, it was hard to find products that would help nourish and condition it, until I discovered the HASK hair collection.

I used both the 5 in 1 leave-in spray from Biotin Boost Collection and the Repairing Hair Oil from the Argan Oil Repairing collection [as seen in Luca’s review] on wet hair. Both products were really easy to apply. The leave-in spray gave my hair volume and strength. When brushing it dry, I noticed that my hair was detangled and felt much thicker than usual. While the argan oil gave intense conditioning and gave new life to my hair. Not to mention that both products smell great. HASK recommends applying from mid-lengths to ends and avoiding applying the oil too close to the roots (especially on fine or fine hair), as with any oil, which can weigh hair down.

I have received many compliments on how my hair looks and smells! I haven’t washed my hair in days and it still feels restored. I’m ready to hit the town with new hair.

Evaluation: 9/10