Farewell senior | To the next chapter | Opinion

As I have reached the end of one chapter of my life and am about to move on to the next, I can say that I never thought my college experience would turn out the way it did. When deciding which school to go to or even sitting in my freshman year so excited that I was in college and pursuing journalism, I had no idea there would be a global pandemic that would force us all to go home and work virtually.

Little did I know that despite COVID-19 changing the definition of what is normal, I would still have many opportunities to improve my journalism and public relations skills. I was able to take on several different roles on The Franklin as photographer, photo editor and co-editor which would give me experiences that would last a lifetime, from late night nights to a car ride from 6 hours to Wisconsin. .

In addition to several other jobs I was able to participate in, such as working with the marketing department and the admissions office, I was able to complete an internship each summer that I was in college.

Although I was able to acquire great experiences throughout university and create many good memories, everything was not always great. Things got complicated with the pandemic, a family member was diagnosed with cancer and so much uncertainty in the air over the past few years, my peers and FC faculty were there so I could m support and have tried to offer the best help possible. could. The support and experiences I received at FC is something I’m sure I wouldn’t have received anywhere else, and I’m grateful to be able to take those experiences with me as I embark on the next chapter of my life. life.

Although my next chapter won’t begin until after I graduate in December, I will be spending my final semester at FC with The Statehouse File. After that, I hope to start my next chapter working in public relations somewhere on the north side of Indy.