Escape Academy A Juicy Discovery Walkthrough

A Juicy Discovery is the second escape room in Coin Crew Games’ Escape Academy Escape from Anti-Escape Island DLC, and here’s our walkthrough to help you every step of the way:

Escape Academy A Juicy Discovery Walkthrough Details

Completion time : ??? Minutes

Difficulty rating: 4/5

Step-by-step procedure

Open the doors

The first thing you’ll want to do is enter the juice bar. However, the door is locked. The key is the four totems that stand outside the Juice Bar. You will see that each of them has different colored lines on a board on their forehead. One of these lines is a black dotted line. You must determine the color of each black dotted line, following the color pattern on each totem’s chart.

For each totem, from left to right, the black lines correspond to the following colors:

Far left: red
Left midfielder: yellow
Right midfielder: green
Far right: blue

Now you need to go to each of the totems and interact with the flame in their mouths. Each interaction will change the color. Keep changing colors until the flame matches the colors above, and when they carry, the Juice Bar doors will open.

Get your rhythm

First, head to the Jukebox. It’s on the right as you enter. Interact with him and he will play the following melody:

Three notes rising, Three notes falling, Five notes, Single note

Now we just need to use this hint to progress. Turn around and head for the battery on the other side of the room. Interact with each drum to learn that the next colored drum plays the following notes:

Blue: five notes
Yellow: Three descending notes
Red: Three ascending notes
Green: single note

Therefore, combining this with the Jukebox melody, we have to hit the drums in the following order:

Red, Yellow, Blue, Green

This will cause the central totem to spin. Inspecting it will allow you to grab the Arcade tokens.

Turn heads

For the next step in this puzzle, you need to explore and examine the bar area a bit. First, you’ll want to consider bar stools. You will notice that you can interact with them and spin around the top and base. It will change if each bar stool has open or closed eyes, as well as a mouth. You’ll notice there are six bar stools, we just need to figure out which configuration for each is correct.

Fortunately, the solution is right in front of us, it may not be immediately obvious. If you look to the left of the bar, you will see a poster on the wall. Inspect it and you will see a group of people having a drink. You will notice, there are six people, and some have their eyes and mouths closed… Yes, you have to match the stools to the poster.

The correct solution is therefore to go from left to right:

Eyes open, mouth closed
Eyes closed, mouth closed
Open eyes, open mouth
Eyes closed, mouth open
Eyes open, mouth closed
Open eyes, open mouth

Now, using this information, replicate the eye and mouth designs on the bar stools. This will open up the area behind the bar.

Win the game!

But before we head behind the bar, let’s put these Arcade tokens we won earlier for good reason. To the right of the bar, you will notice an arcade machine. Use the tokens on it to light it. You will now be able to play the Eruption game. Here you have to make a picture by rotating the tiles in the right direction.

You technically have unlimited time to win the game, but there’s a timer in the corner. Each time this runs out, the game will reset three tiles to the incorrect position. But you should still be making steady progress. The image is a shot of a woman on a hammock on a beach next to a green mountain. If you have trouble visualizing it, the image is actually on a poster on the Juice Bar wall next to the front door. Jeb watches him as you enter.

After completing the game, it will seem that nothing happened. However, what you discover is that someone other than you has played this game a lot. Someone by the name of:


Now head behind the bar, until you reach a locked door in the manager’s office. There’s a hint on the post-it here that says

Last name?

So we have to enter SAT to enter. Type the following on the keyboard to access it:

[stu], [abc], [mno]

And the principal’s office will open.

Perfect the rhythm

Before we head to the principal’s office, we first need one more article. To do this, you will make a cocktail called “The Bighead”. Behind the bar, you should see a poster with the ingredients needed to craft it. They are:




Cherry on top

You may have seen some of these ingredients before. The cherry is on one of the tables and the pineapple is at the front of the bar next to the bar stools. The banana is right in front of you on a cutting board as you pass behind the bar. And finally the milk is in a fridge behind the bar.

With all the ingredients, return to The Bighead poster and you should see a blender below. Put all the ingredients in it and the cocktail will be made like magic, but more importantly, the case for The big head the pitcher is now open, so grab it.

Now enter the director’s office and look towards the left wall. You will be able to inspect a shelf with four mugs on it. Place the Bighead jug you just acquired into the space on the shelf.

Now you have to rearrange the jugs in order of the speed of their flashing red eyes. You will notice a plate under the shelf representing a hare and a tortoise. This tells you what order to put the jugs in. It is, from left to right:

Fastest, Fast, Medium, Slow, Slowest

Keep rearranging the jugs until you’ve placed them in that order. When you do, the plate will open to reveal a big key.

Fishing for an answer

There’s another puzzle to solve in the principal’s office, and this one uses the Fish Tank. First, you will want to observe how many of each fish are in the tank. A quick glance will reveal the following:

6 blue fish
2 goldfish
5 orange fish
4 yellow fish

However, there is something else about fish that you need to consider. Look closely at the aquarium and you will notice that fish of different colors have a different number of stripes.

Blue: 2 stripes
Red: 1 band
Orange: 3 bands
Yellow: 4 bands

This tells you that the color order should be:

Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow

With all this information, we can now crack the code under the Fish Tank. For the code, we need the right combination of colors and numbers. Combining everything we know, we can determine that the correct code is:

2, 6, 5, 4
Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow

Once you enter this, the panel will open and reveal another big key.

To call for help

With 2 large keys, you’re going to want to head to the other locked door at the end of the bar and use the keys. You are now in the radio room. To your left, you will see a whiteboard with the following flight log information:

11:20 a.m. Delivery helicopter

12:44 Delivery helicopter

13:32 Delivery helicopter

14:36 ​​The escape jet

2:40 p.m. Anti-aircraft missile

14:43 Delivery helicopter

15:06 Delivery helicopter

We’re looking for the Escape Jet, so we definitely have to remember 14:36 like a time. Turn to the right to look at the main screen, on the desk in front of you is a radio log. Pick it up and pin it in your inventory. You will notice at 14:36, the following information is given:

Radio frequency: 450
Encryption code: gray, green, blue, red

Now we will use the encryption code. Look to your right and you should see a bulletin board on the wall, with various colored strings all over it. You must start with the central gray symbol (a few vertical lines) and then follow the colors of our encryption code to move along the corresponding chains to obtain a series of letters.

This therefore means that:

Green, Blue, Red

Takes you to the letters:

A, E, D

We now have everything we need to call for help by radio. Access the radio device through all large screens. Enter radio frequency 450 then move the levers ADVERTISING and E at the top. Then press the “Call” button.

You will then be treated to a short cutscene.

Escape the dungeon

It was all a trap! But now you have to think fast to escape. When you can move around again, the first thing you’ll want to notice is a clue written on the wall:

I’ll give you 50-50-50 chance to escape

Clearly, 50-50-50 going to be important in a minute. Now look to your left and head towards the back wall. You should see a slightly wonky panel that you can move around to reveal the electronics behind it. You will see that there are three large numbers displayed: 46, 42 and 62. Now the key is to make each of these numbers 50, so we have a 50-50-50 solution.

Numbers are changed by swapping two smaller numbers. Whatever the sum of each of the three smallest numbers, constitutes the largest number. So we need to rearrange the 9 smaller numbers into three groups of 50. You can keep swapping the numbers until you get the solution, but if you want the fastest solution, see below:

  1. Swap numbers 5 and 9
  2. Swap numbers 5 and 17

With the power off, the force field dissipated. You can now access the vent. Move over it and use one of your Arcade tokens above to open it. Cross it and you will escape. Congratulations, with our walkthrough you have completed A Juicy Discovery in the Escape Academy DLC.





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