Dylan O’Brien didn’t agree with the Nightwing rumors

Exclusive: Dylan O’Brien candidly discusses his feelings about the long-running Nightwing casting rumors, which he has always declared false.

While promoting Not goodDylan O’Brien Reveals How He Really Feels About These Persistents night wing rumors. Fans have continually waited for O’Brien to play a superhero movie character. Early in his career, when looking for a young actor to play the MCU’s Spider-Man, O’Brien’s name often came up as a valid candidate. Since then the Teen Wolf alum was falsely rumored to play the Flash, but more than any other comic book character, O’Brien is frequently cited by fans as the right performer to portray Nightwing in a live-action movie.


Those calls came to a head earlier this year, leading O’Brien to reiterate his stance on the superhero genre. He’s long argued that while he understands the appeal of the genre, he’d be much happier having a relatively smaller profile that would allow him to focus on the projects he’s most passionate about. In new remarks, O’Brien explains how easy it was for fan casting to turn into endless rumors that need to be debunked.

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In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant promote Not good, which is currently streaming on Hulu, O’Brien explains why the Nightwing rumors bothered him and how it connects to his new movie. Written and directed by Quinn Shephard, with O’Brien in a supporting role as Colin, the black comedy follows a photo editor (played by Zoey Deutch) who invents a huge lie that spirals out of control. It’s easy to see how this premise resonated with O’Brien, who is often the subject of online speculation that spirals out of control. He recounts how he feels vindicated now that enough time has passed to prove Nightwing’s claims wrong:

Dylan O’Brien: No, no, never, never [any truth to the Nightwing rumors]. I’m glad the time has passed and people see that I was telling the truth. There were so many doubts and speculations and theories and just, I don’t even know who originally put… I think they’re just posting bullshit. They have no source. It comes from nothing. It’s actually crazy to see it catch fire. That’s not really fair, is it? He is [like the message of Not Okay]. Yeah. I mean, it was like an account that has a following. It’s sort of a believable source and they’re just making up bullshit. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

Dylan O'Brien and Zoey Deutch in No Deal

Despite Not goodDanni’s jaw-dropping ending, the real kick of the movie is that Danni’s lies could have been easily debunked. She tells a story that seems perfect, leading almost everyone around her to believe the lie even though the inconsistencies were obvious from the start. The film’s message, among many it aims to convey, is that some stories are too good to be questioned. Obviously, that’s also the case with O’Brien making his superhero debut, whether it’s with Marvel or DC. But in fact, reading the actor’s own quotes, dating back to 2014, demonstrates the fact that it’s not a career path he wants to pursue.

This shows how social media distorts reality. O’Brien has been consistent in his comments, but rumors like the night wing throws spread like wildfire and are too often repeated faster than he is able to correct them. it is the story of Not good, which advocates, among other things, the importance of scrutinizing a person’s words and digging into the sources to find out if they are trustworthy. It’s worth keeping in mind the next time O’Brien is tied up in a high-profile movie.

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