Digital Imaging Technician Kevin Bell Leans On Leader LV5350 4K / 12G-SDI Production Monitor

Leader Electronics reports continued strong demand for its line of diffusion test instruments, including the recent choice of an LV5350 waveform monitor by Kevin Bell. One of Britain’s most active digital imaging technicians, he has worked on numerous studio and location shoots for large production companies and broadcasters.

“The Leader LV5350 is an essential tool for ITDs working in film and television,” says Bell. “It’s packed with reference tools like waveform, vectorscope, histogram and gamma displays, as well as range and level error display.

“With the built-in CINELITE and CINEZONE, I can monitor f-stop values ​​against a set reference point or convert the luminance levels of the image to an RGB or dimming display. It is also possible to add additional software modules as and when required. The HDR module is definitely a high priority, but right out of the box I had included Focus Assist which makes the camera lens adjustment easier to identify, and a custom layout which allows for multi layouts. – personalized screens. When using the rasterization output, I can display on a second screen to compare multiple signal parameters simultaneously. I can also copy the measurements to a removable USB memory for reference and share them with other technicians on site, which is a very powerful resource.

“Like all other studio monitors, it can be used without AC power, which is essential outside the studio and outdoors. Sometimes it is just not possible to move a DIT cart to a particular shooting location due to accessibility. The Leader LV5350 is compact, portable and quick to set up and use. It gives me the reassurance that I always have the right tool, no matter where we turn.

“The LV5350 waveform monitor incorporates all of the SDI functionality of the high-end LV5600 minus the IP measurement capabilities which are more relevant to the OB sector than to DITs,” adds Managing Director of Leader Europe, Koichi Fukagawa. “Its engineering capabilities are second to none, including test pattern generation, closed caption monitoring, CIE color chart, dynamic range measurement, focus assist, screen layout. customizable, counting interface, 4K / UHD operation and 12G-SDI interfaces.

“CINEZONE and CINELITE are a standard feature of the LV5350 and all models of the ZEN series”, details Head of Regional Development at Leader Europe, Kevin Salvidge. “These are familiar to many film crews, editors and colorists here in Europe and around the world. The focus detection option detects edges over a very wide range of image contrast levels. The LV5350 allows operators to configure devices for several different operating modes at the same time via its multi-screen video display on the front panel or its screening output. We also produce an equivalent LV7300 half-rack 1U rasterizer which offers the same capabilities as the LV5350 waveform monitor except for the eye pattern display which is an option.

“State-of-the-art testing instruments have long been the preferred choice of many broadcasters, film and television content producers, DITs, colourists and post-production companies,” summarizes Chris Margrave-Gregory, Senior Broadcast Sales Specialist at “They combine accurate and repeatable measurements with a rugged construction that contributes to a long service life. “