Delilah brings her cool dinner club vibe to Wynn Las Vegas: Travel Weekly

Delilah at Wynn Las Vegas will open on July 14, promising an elegant dining club experience in an alluring room that is a homage to the Roaring Twenties (1920s, that is).

Hospitality company H.wood Group, which opened its flagship Delilah in Los Angeles in 2016, hired Las Vegas-native Joshua Smith as executive chef to develop the menu.

Delilah presents an art deco inspired aesthetic. Photo credit: Robert Miller

“It’s a bit like a French brasserie but just a little less French. It’s a bit like a steak house but a few steaks less. Looks like it’s Americana – there are staples like a cake. with crab and a Caesar salad and a neighborhood salad and a la carte steak, ”Smith said.

“I just tried to keep it simple and American, which in the new world of steakhouses means you can have a Japanese influence and a Mexican influence. There really is a more creative playing field for me here than in a classic French restaurant. “

Smith, who was a lifeguard at the Desert Inn (now the Wynn site) at the age of 18, has worked in kitchens in Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas and other places. He joined James Beard Award-winning chef Michael Mina to open the Bardot Brewery at the Aria in the city center in 2015.

“The idea of ​​the supper club struck me as really cool,” said Smith. “I have extensive experience in seafood and mainly Mediterranean and French cuisine, but the attraction of diversifying and doing a little more with flavors and having more creative freedom attracted me”, a Smith said.

In addition to steak and seafood dishes, Smith elevates a classic TV dinner with Bobo Farms chicken, peas and carrots, mashed potatoes, and yellow wine sauce. His point of view on fish and chips? Dover sole in a potato crust with apple soufflé, white butter with malt vinegar and classic tartar sauce.

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When he was younger, Smith says he liked to challenge customers’ expectations, “to step out of my own comfort zone and bring them out of their comfort zone. In my maturity as a chef, I am equally happy to cook a nice piece of halibut or salmon or chicken because I’m something like the sea urchin we do on the menu here or something a little more adventurous like that. “

Even making an appetizer as familiar to diners as French onion soup is a challenge Smith embraces. They compare it to their best memory, which could be in Paris or in a bistro in their city, he says.

“Either way, memory is what we’re up against. It’s fun for me now to create a menu full of basic foods that people are comfortable ordering and really feel comforted when they see the description. But when they have it, they think it’s better than any memory they’ve ever had of a halibut dish or a salmon or chicken dish. “

Delilah is at the Wynn Las Vegas casino. A staircase on either side of the Little Bubble Bar descends two floors into the chic dining room. Live entertainment, with jazz on Sundays, will be on the program throughout the evening. The volume will be kept at a subtle level so that diners can comfortably converse, Smith said.

T0712DALIILAH4_C_HR [Credit: Bill Milne]

A native of Vegas, Joshua Smith is the Executive Chef of Delilah. Photo credit: Bill Milne

“It’s a work of art from top to bottom,” he said. “The stage is the focal point. It’s going to be really cool to be in a room that has entertainment and that has that fun aspect. This room will make people feel like they want to be dressed because [it] is so nice, but Delilah’s normal clientele is a bit more laid back. “

Smith said he believes Delilah would appeal to those who aren’t into nightclubs but are looking for a more intimate late-night dining experience. “I think that’s something that Vegas is lacking right now,” Smith said. “There aren’t many places on the Strip to eat something good after midnight, relax and enjoy a cool vibe without the full club experience with the big DJs.”

Entrees and salads at Delilah typically cost $ 19 to $ 26. Entrees range from $ 28 to $ 48 with a few exceptions: Wagyu Wellington beef for two, for example, costs $ 170. As a courtesy to the distinguished guests that the Los Angeles Delilah draws and the new Delilah awaits, venue photography is discouraged (although guests are encouraged to take photos of their plates for Instagram photos).

Delilah at Wynn Las Vegas will open at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. The restaurant will operate until 11:00 p.m. with the bar and lounge remaining open late at night. To book, visit