Darkroom Photo Editor gets significantly improved highlight and shadow recovery

The Darkroom photo editing app has been updated with significantly improved highlight and shadow recovery, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

Darkroom moves photo editing into its mobile-centric and compute-centric future. Photo editing is simplified for iPhone photographers and enhanced with powerful AI-backed algorithms to express yourself more effectively. Available as a single universal app on iPhone, iPad and macOS with deep integration into all the latest platform features.

What’s new in this version :
New: Significantly improved highlight and shadow recovery

We are releasing a major update to our exposure recovery sliders which significantly improves their recovery range and refines the result. This enables a whole new set of creative effects in Darkroom that were simply out of reach before.

Five sliders in Darkroom have been rebuilt from scratch: Exposure, Whites, Highlights, Shadows, and Blacks. These enhancements are available for all image types, although they are particularly powerful for RAW editing workflows, as RAW photos have much more detail to recover.

How to upgrade your existing changes:
All of your existing edits to your photos in Darkroom remain unchanged. The new implementation coexists with the previous one. This ensures that your edited photos will not look different when you reopen them. However, if a previously edited photo doesn’t use any of the new sliders, we’ll update it automatically, so it always looks as good as possible.

If you want to upgrade a previously edited photo to use the new version of our sliders, please reset your edits first by selecting the original preset, using the “Reset Edits” option in the actions menu or using the “Reset” option in the History tool.

When applying a preset, regardless of the version it was created with, we will use the new recovery algorithms. This ensures that community presets and existing presets will not be blocked with the old legacy recovery implementation.

Other changes in this release:
● We have removed the photo editing extension. This means that you can no longer use the limited version of Darkroom to make edits in the Photos app. For more details, please read the announcement of this release on our website.
● We’ve added three new icons to celebrate this release: Shade, Holo, and Album.
● Performance improvements that should help increase the stability and reliability of using Darkroom
● Reduce the size of the image cache stored on the device
● Fixed a HEIF bug on iOS 16 that caused exported ProRAW images to have a green thumbnail in the Photos app.
● Fixed a bug where photos that weren’t loading appeared to get stuck on loading.

You can download Darkroom from the App Store.

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Darkroom Photo Editor gets significantly improved highlight and shadow recovery