Cricket Tasmania hits back at Renee Ferguson’s workplace sexual harassment allegations

Cricket Tasmania will fight claims it ignored sexual harassment complaints from the woman at the center of the Tim Paine sexting scandal, alleging she often initiated sexual correspondence with an employee and had a problem drugs, according to documents filed in federal court.

Renee Ferguson seeks almost $1million in damages from Cricket Tasmania, saying she filed complaints with different senior staff, against three male colleagues, alleging sexual harassment in the workplace dating back to 2015 .

Cricket Tasmania rejected the allegations in documents filed with the Federal Court on Tuesday.

“The Respondent has searched the Applicant’s email history and there is no record of her ever emailing the Respondent’s management or staff with allegations of sexual harassment “, say the defense documents.

Cricket Tasmania wrote that its allegations of sexual harassment against Jon Adams, who was director of the museum and member services between 2015 and 2017, had been denied by him.

According to the documents, several staff members Ms Ferguson said they complained about Mr Adams did not agree they were made aware of his concerns.

Paine (in white) was cleared during an internal investigation into the allegations.(ABC News: Luke Bowden)

Cricket Tasmania said Ms Ferguson told her manager Rodney Purves in mid-2017 that she had received ‘an inappropriate photo’ via text message from another anonymous member of staff, but said Ms Ferguson did not accepted his offer to escalate the case.

Court documents say that Mr Purves informed his manager of the allegations anyway, but it was decided that it could not go any further given that she did not wish to press charges.

A former colleague of Ms Ferguson, Kat Caroll, reportedly had a ‘vague recollection’ of mentioning receiving a sexual message, but alleged that Ms Ferguson spoke ‘without any concern, but rather in the form of a gossip workplace”.

The staff member was later revealed to be Tim Paine’s brother-in-law, Shannon Tubb, when a law firm acting for Ms Ferguson wrote to Cricket Australia in June 2018.

The organization has launched an investigation into the allegations, which have been denied by Mr Tubb.

“Mr. Tubb admitted that he and (Ms. Ferguson) shared messages, but claims that the messages were mutually exchanged and were consensual in nature,” the court documents state.

Four cricket bails are seen lying on the ground at the WACA ground in Perth.
The court heard Cricket Tasmania conclude that the email between Ms Ferguson and Mr Tubb was consensual.(PA: Richard Wainwright)

To back up his refusal, Mr Tubb provided a post from May 2016 in which Ms Ferguson said: ‘Do your hair and lippy and swing’, and said she had consented to being added on the app of Snapchat messenger because she provided her username upon request. .

“Regarding the message saying, ‘Go Snap, mole,’ Mr. Tubb provided email evidence that this type of language was common in their communications with each other,” the court documents state.

He also provided three sexually oriented photos sent by Ms Ferguson, in which, according to Cricket Tasmania, she ‘did not look sad or humiliated’, and described others in which she allegedly sent photos of her breasts, from her lips, from her open-mouthed lips, the penis of a man she was sleeping with, and her “bare upper half bruised and sore from alcohol and drug-fueled sex sessions”.

Mr Tubb further alleged that she exhibited sexual behavior at work, such as exposing her bra and upper breasts when he was present, and claimed she had a ‘serious drug problem’ and had discussed with him “the problems she had had trying to quit her drug use”.

“Mr. Tubb advised … (Ms. Ferguson) never asked her to stop sending sexual messages and she never told him that she felt harassed by their exchanges,” the court documents state. Tasmanian Cricket.

Two other men – Paine and the site’s chief operating officer, Stephen McMullen – also denied sexually harassing Ms Ferguson.

Paine was cleared during an internal investigation into the allegations.