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Putting on a performance as impressive as any of them so far, Coldwater sent St. Henry home Thursday night… fast, efficient and empty-handed.

Cold water, OH – There was a lot of uneaten popcorn at the Coldwater Palace gymnasium on Thursday night. A lot of people probably bought enough for a five-set drama between two of the MAC’s mega-powers in volleyball as 6-4 St. Henry and 10-1 Coldwater clashed to at least claim bragging rights over the Ohio Highway 118. still young, of course.

However, let the buyer beware of all concessions, as Coldwater put an end to any idea of ​​drama, or even five sets, with a complete straight set victory over St. Henry, 25-21, 25-22 and 25-12… in a match that lasted an hour and seven minutes.

Everything went so fast that the valet service was still putting them away when people needed their cars.

The thing that lasted the longest was Cavaliers’ impression of zone volleyball Nikki Etzler against another of the zone’s best. Cavaliers are tall, young, talented and organized in mind, soul and body to perform at the highest level.

“It’s just a good team effort,” said Annelise Harlamert, one of the three senior members of the team. “The management is stellar. Everyone’s in, everyone wants to win, whether you’re on the pitch or off the pitch. It’s just fun to be around.

They are tall with 5’10 “Morgan Blasingame, 5’11” Madison Wendel and 6’4 “Riley Rismiller. They have the athleticism with that height. And they are coached by one of the most respected in the area. , veteran Etzler.

And, they had a convenient rival Thursday with St. Henry, with its own stellar reputation, a program that has knocked on the state’s final door in recent years under coach Tricia Rosenbeck without being allowed in. But St. Henry has won state titles (seven of them, the last in 2011), and is still a threat for one more.

Brianna Siefring of St. Henry stretches to save a point in Thursday’s opening set with Coldwater.

It was tight in the first set, with St. Henry claiming a 4-point lead at one point, only to see Coldwater use his serve and blocking ability to get back into the game and ultimately catch the Redskins, overcoming a 16- 12 deficit. The Cavaliers would score 9 of the last 14 points of the set to win it, 25-21.

“I think we’re a super athletic team, and we work really hard in training,” said senior colleague Kadance Blockberger. “We all work every day to push each other to be as good as possible. We’ve served so well tonight, and that’s one of our biggest assets this year.

They pushed that asset into Game 2, another contested deal that saw Coldwater take the lead early, then St. Henry battling a seven-point deficit to ultimately close the lead to 24-22. And honestly, there weren’t a lot of things going in the Redskins’ direction. Serves that toppled over the top of the net that fell out of reach… well placed shots that found a spot where there was no defender… and the possible frustration of fighting so hard to catch up that you didn’t. do not have enough to pull in front. Things looked out of whack!

But Coldwater has a lot to do with derailing it.

Their net size was impressive.

Their athleticism, to borrow from Blockberger, was on display from first to last.

And you rarely see a team serving better or receiving better service than Coldwater did on Thursday night.

Coldwater’s Riley Rismiller scores a point after St. Henry’s Avery Schmitz tried to block.

Up to two games to zero, the Cavs hammered the hammer early in the final set, jumping to a 7-2 margin, stretching it to double digits thanks to a solid serve play from junior Jenna Leugers (who has served three straight aces at one point) and finished things off in just sixteen minutes, 25-12.

Nikki Etzler wanted to smile from ear to ear, but instead deferred paying homage to St. Henry before enjoying the excellence of her own team.

“When you play them, every spin and every point is a battle,” she said. “So I have a lot of respect for Tricia and what she does at St. Henry. She has great players.

But that night… Etzler’s players were taller – a very smooth and well-oiled effort!

“Well, they work really hard. I think they learn from their mistakes, ”Etzler said. “I see the growth in the way they work to keep their cool, and it’s exciting for the coaching staff. And they’re really working on serving and receiving in practice, and that’s a big part of how the momentum changed in the first game, and how we kept that momentum going in the last two sets.

“We have very aggressive servers, and tonight we talked about that as being the first place you can score a point for the team. We got it back in the middle of the first set and did a great job from there to the end.

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The other senior with Harlamert and Blockberger is Aubrey Koester 5’5 ‘. The rest of the Cavs roster is made up of three sophomores (including Madison Wendel) and three juniors (including Rismiller and Leugers). It bodes well for this year and next year.

“Anytime you can serve aggressively and get them out of their attack, that’s a good thing,” Etzler added. “They have a good offense. Brianna Siefring is a beast on the outside, and we got some of that out tonight. “

At 10-1, it’s hard to imagine they’re as good as they will be, given they have a full half-season left to play and conference co-favorite New Bremen with New Knoxville remains to be played. Their only loss came in Knoxville two weeks ago.

“There are so many aspects that we work on, as individuals and as a team,” Etzler said. “I hope that the growth will continue if we continue to work hard. And some of these girls are young, and Riley (Rismiller) is a great basketball player and just got her volleyball legs. But I like what I see.

They all liked what they saw at the Palace on Thursday, at least those who arrived in time to see it. And you know… of all the crown titles they’ve won in Coldwater in football and baseball, they’ve never won one in volleyball. They don’t come easily, of course.

And they don’t come quickly.

Much longer… than an hour and seven minutes.

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