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Local artists speak to ‘Redlining’ at the Dayton Metro Library

In the 1930s, the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation made maps showing that some neighborhoods were safe for investment and others too risky. Those deemed too risky were colored red, but residents were mostly black. Now, some Dayton artists are using their work to help solve the enduring ramifications of redlining. Jason reynolds Leesa Haapapuro is […]

Review: Voigtlander’s Nokton 75mm f / 1.5 is a perfect companion at a competitive price

The Voigtlander Nokton 75mm f / 1.5 and the 75mm focal length, in general, might seem strange to someone who is used to traditional camera brands. When I shot with Canon, the reference focal lengths for the primary lenses were always 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm. When switching to Fujifilm, the equivalent focal lengths of 35mm […]

43 Best Gifts For National Park Lovers: 2021 Gift Guide

Looking for a gift for someone who loves national parks? Whether they’ve been to a national park or just dreaming of traveling there, these are the best gifts for national park lovers. These are the best national park gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays, retirement gifts, bon voyage gifts, full time RV gifts and more. National […]

The best places to take photos in Houston

Photo credit @homesbylaurenfrazer on Instagram If you’re looking for the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram photo, you might want to take a look at Houston’s parks, museums, and walls. The latter might seem a little odd, but there are plenty of pieces of art scattered around Houston in the form of murals, color blocks, […]

How Season on PS5 is bringing in-game photography back to the future

How can a camera change the way you see the world? This is the fundamental question of photography, but also of a growing number of photo-centric games, including the highly anticipated season of adventures on PS5 and PC. Season is part of a recent wave of games that are making photography their cornerstone, rather than […]

Congratulations: Community Supports Growing Tennis Program | South Lake Tahoe

View full picture Duane Catania and granddaughter Evelyn Cantania compete in the 2021 Tahoe Classic View full picture Mixed Doubles at Sunset at 2021 Lake Tahoe Tennis Classic After missing last year’s tennis tournament, 234 people returned for the 37th annual Hersh Herschman Memorial Tahoe Classic at Zephyr Cove Park last weekend. The annual four-day […]

How to use Lightroom Classic: polish your portraits to perfection

Watch video: Use the Spot Removal tool in Lightroom Classic CC There’s plenty of great opportunities to catch beautiful portraits this summer. And, if you want to enhance your images, one of the best skills you can learn is how to retouch the skin. Luckily there’s a method in Lightroom that is fast, effective, and […]

Adobe Lightroom Classic Review | Popular photography

Photographers can be creatures of habit. We will find ourselves attached to a lens or a camera body. Or, in the case of Adobe Classic Lightroom, photo editing software. Lightroom Classic has been around in one form or another for 15 years now. It currently shares the Creative Cloud line with the simply titled Lightroom, […]