Canon Launches World’s First Large Format Printer with Fluorescent Pink Water-Pigment Ink for High-Value Graphics and Output Applications

“Radiant Infusion”, a unique Canon technology, layers fluorescent pink ink with other inks on the surface of the paper during printing, to create vivid and smooth color reproduction. This enables the printing of high color graphics that support the expansion of a company’s printing capabilities. Fluorescent pink ink can also be used to print in specific areas such as text and objects to allow for fluorescent color expression that makes those areas stand out. The user also has the option of printing with or without the fluorescent ink completely. These GP series inks can reproduce the corporate brand colors that may be difficult to reproduce on a conventional inkjet printer. Radiant Infusion technology is also integrated into PosterArtist Lite software to allow users to easily create high impact posters.

“We are proud to announce that the imagePROGRAF GP Series has been awarded the world’s first ‘PANTONE Calibrated’1.2 license for the PANTONE PASTELS & NEONS GUIDE3 containing the popular fluorescent and pastel colors, ”said Iain Pike, Director of Licensing and Business Development, Pantone / X-Rite. “Canon has also acquired a PANTONE Calibrated license with two Pantone publications, which broadens the choice of color specifications and helps ensure that the output results match the exact color displayed in the Solid Coated Guide by the designer. ”

These devices allow the consumer to reproduce high impact graphic posters, wall art and personalized pop art that are ideal for Millennials and Generation Z people. This audience, more than ever, is buying items in the colors bright neon and fluorescent lights that can be seen on these personalized posters.

“We are proud to deliver on our commitment to develop pioneering solutions that meet industry demands and thereby increase the business potential of Canon customers,” said Shinichi yoshida, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Canon United States, Inc. “Today, Canon is delighted to introduce the imagePROGRAF GP Series, the world’s first aqueous inkjet models to include fluorescent color. This series was designed with the widest color gamut of any PROGRAF image in history to easily produce a vibrant and eye-catching output. ”

The imagePROGRAF GP-2000/4000 models feature a 10-color and fluorescent pink pigment-based ink set, which includes the colors green, orange, red, purple, matte black, black, cyan, magenta, yellow and gray . This inks combination expands the color reproduction gamut to achieve the largest color gamut in the history of the imagePROGRAF series. GP-2000/4000 models achieve 99% coverage *4 of “PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated” and 97% coverage of “PANTONE PASTELS & NEONS GUIDE coated3. The GP-2000/4000 is equipped with a built-in multi-sensor that allows easy and economical color calibration for consistent color reproduction from print to print, as well as from printer to printer. In addition, these models are equipped with intelligent media management, which allows the operator to place the roll in the machine and the printer will automatically load the paper and detect the length, width and type of media. An optional Multifunction Roller System is available for these devices, which also utilizes Canon’s Intelligent Media Management. It is a versatile media management solution system that allows you to either load a second roll of media into the printer or the unit can be configured as a two-way media take-up unit. Features like these and Radiant Infusion technology make these devices ideal for the pay printing, design office, proofing and signage markets.

The imagePROGRAF GP-200/300 printers feature a 5-color and fluorescent pink pigment-based ink set, which includes the colors matte black, black, cyan, magenta and yellow. These printers support Radiant Infusion for in-house production of large format prints with increased appeal and visibility in various industries such as retail stores, restaurants, government offices, schools and general offices. The compact design of these printers allows them to easily fit into small enclosures in a classroom or corporate office without taking up too much valuable workspace. For added convenience, all operator-related tasks can be performed from the front of the printer, allowing the machine to be flush against the wall, which is ideal for locations with limited space .

Comes with PosterArtist Lite, Canon’s poster creation software, users can create posters in 4 easy steps with images and templates included. The software includes new templates that allow you to easily create colorful and vibrant images and posters in-house. Adding even more value to this included software, Canon has partnered with photo storage companies (Pixabay, Unsplash, Pexels) to offer even more of a wide range of images that can be easily incorporated into the design. of your personalized poster. This software has been updated to support Radiant Infusion technology; The “vivid mode” makes the entire image vibrant as well as the “spot mode” which prints fluorescent ink in specific areas to make those areas stand out.

The new GP Series printers also come standard, a wide variety of authoring and workflow software to help increase productivity and efficiency in large format printing environments. These software features include Direct Print Plus, Accounting Manager, Device Management Console, and more!

RIP leader5 design, proofing, and printing service providers for large format printers, such as Caldera, CGS, EFI, Eisfeld, ONYX, Colorbyte, and SAi, prepare RIPs that support GP-4000/2000 models. Users can use software RIPs for any purpose without changing their usual output workflow.

The imagePROGRAF GP series will be available for purchase at October 1stst with plans to start expeditions in November 2021.

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??Based on weekly patent tally issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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* In the main manufacturers of large format aqueous pigment inkjet printers (excluding sublimation transfer systems). As of 09/27/2021, the day before the announcement). (Canon Research)

1 From September 27, 2021, based on professional services provided by Pantone under a license agreement between Canon, Inc. and Pantone LLC.

2 PANTONE is a trademark or registered trademark of Pantone LLC in United States and / or other countries.

3 PATONE PASTELS & NEONS GUIDE The coated color gamut coverage rate is 97% for GP-4000 / GP-2000 when using Pro Premium Platinum photo paper with the imagePROGRAF printer driver at [Poster/Photo (Fluorescent)] [Highest] (600 dpi) and 85% for GP-300 / GP-200 when using Premium 2 semi-gloss paper with the imagePROGRAF printer driver at [Poster/Photo (Fluorescent)] [High] (600dpi).

4 PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE The coverage ratio of the GP-300 / GP-200 color gamut is 94% when using Premium Semi-Glossy 2 paper with the imagePROGRAF printer driver at [Poster/Photo (Fluorescent)] [High] (600dpi).

5 Software that converts data in a page description language, such as PostScript, to a bitmap format that matches the resolution of the printer. RIP stands for Raster Image Processor.

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